How to wear my lace top for my prom?

I have a black top with lace sleeves and back from H and M. It is my prom night in a few weeks and I would like to wear it in a way that is not tacky, somehow cool and comfortable. I do not like pants that much and my style is casual/feminine. I am […]

How to dress boho as a short and curvy girl?

I love the boho look but I am short and curvy and  let’s face it – that style works well mainly on tall and slim girls. How can I wear boho/hippie clothes and don’t look like a child or as if I was going to a costume party? You are right, hippie style is easier […]

Flare jeans spring outfitspirations

“After reading your post about flare pants, I purchased one. Could you give me some inspirations to style it for spring in a casual chic like for a lunch/ cafe in the city?” Avec plaisir! 1. Boho style   Platform look great with flares. It is how they wore it in the seventies. A fluid […]

How to wear my silver ballerinas?

“Hi Aloïs. I have bought silver ballerinas but I don’t know how to wear them. Can you give me some ideas?” Hi, Silver ballerinas are great, they are so versatile. You can wear them with pants as well as with shorter items like dresses and skirts. Regarding colors I like to mix with classic neutrals: […]

Poisson d’avril!

Today is april’s first and as a tradition in France we make jokes. Instead of saying “April’s fool”, we say “poisson d’avril” which means “April’s fish”. No, it I am not fooling with you! We really use that. You’re fishy today are you? (Well we should all be indeed). Indeed the most popular joke amongst […]

How to accessorize my black and white printed dress?

“I absolutely adore your blog! I have used your posts about weddings in the search of a dress for my brother’s wedding in August. Now I believe I have found the perfect on for me, but I can`t figure out how to accessorize. I want to follow your advice on not matching the shoes and […]

What shoes with my royal blue dress and coral necklace?

I’m attending a wedding, and am planning on wearing a cute royal blue dress. I picked a coral statement necklace, and I feel it makes it really pop! I’m wondering what shoes to wear with it. Obviously a neutral is necessary. Would you pair it with black heals? Nude heals? It’s outdoors and I don’t […]

How to wear my black shirt?

“My mum gave my a beautiful plain black shirt. I like it but every time I wear it I feel like … my mum. How can I wear it in a cool way? I am still a student” Hi, Lucky you! Wardrobe basics are the best because they are versatile and can complete plenty of […]

How to wear my “bimbo” items?

Reader’s question: “As a birthday joke, my friends gave me “bimbo” stuffs for presents (my last name sounds like “bimbo”): a small leopard printed bag, a multicolored sequin skirt and big loop earrings. I’d like to show them I can wear those in a classy way. Do you have any outfits suggestions?” Silly friends you […]

How to wear my navy blue tailored pants?

” What tops could I wear my navy blue tailored pants with?(I thought I would wear them with my red pumps)” Blue tailored pants are soooo versatile this article could be pages long. In a nutshell, you could wear it with anything on top: sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dressed-up items, jumpers, blazers, leather jackets, jean jackets, […]

What lipstick with my pink top?

Reader’s question: I’m struggling with picking out a lipstick or gloss color to wear with a deep fuchsia-colored top. I will be wearing a bold black necklace with it, and I have warm medium brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. I think that a top in a shade of pink, red or purple or any lipstick […]