How to wear my “bimbo” items?

Reader’s question: “As a birthday joke, my friends gave me “bimbo” stuffs for presents (my last name sounds like “bimbo”): a small leopard printed bag, a multicolored sequin skirt and big loop earrings. I’d like to show them I can wear those in a classy way. Do you have any outfits suggestions?” Silly friends you […]

How to wear my navy blue tailored pants?

” What tops could I wear my navy blue tailored pants with?(I thought I would wear them with my red pumps)” Blue tailored pants are soooo versatile this article could be pages long. In a nutshell, you could wear it with anything on top: sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dressed-up items, jumpers, blazers, leather jackets, jean jackets, […]

What lipstick with my pink top?

Reader’s question: I’m struggling with picking out a lipstick or gloss color to wear with a deep fuchsia-colored top. I will be wearing a bold black necklace with it, and I have warm medium brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. I think that a top in a shade of pink, red or purple or any lipstick […]

Frosted blue and fluffy black in Paris

Hello, Last friday, I took some pictures for a bulgarian magazine… in the coooold. I made a mini-guide of the west rive droite of Paris  showing my favorite places near Concorde and Arc de Triomphe. And, neglecting the fact that is was minus zero and that I was going from one place to another on […]

How to wear my Mary Katranzou style dress?

“I bought a dress with a geometrical print but I haven’t worn it yet because I have no idea what would look nice with it” The print of your dress is already very busy, so I recommend to adding any other print. Even though you COULD find prints that match the dress, that is safer […]

What shoes with my A-line midi skirt?

Which shoes should be worn with a pencil or A-line skirts? I tend to live in black ankle boots, with a mid heel, but I think those type of skirts tend to look better with high heels. I’ve recently bought a pale blue A-line skirt from Cos that finishes just below the knee and I […]

What to wear with my plum colored dress for my baby shower?

I have a plum colored dress, what color tights, shoes, jewelry and bag would work best with it for my baby shower? It is winter and chilly. I don’t know about how to style for a baby shower cause… we don’t have those in France ^^ But I supposed you shall look well dressed, cosy […]

How to wear black kitten heels without looking “mumsy”?

I’m 18 and recently bought a pair of black suede, kitten heel wedge. How do I wear them without looking old(er) and mumsy? Indeed, black suede kitten heels can make you look mumsy. If you wear them with a longer A-line skirt, with a knee length pencil skirt, or with long bootcut pants, for instance. […]

What shoes and what outer covering to wear with an evening gown?

Reader’s question: I would like to know how to wear a floor length dress/evening gown. What sort of footwear would be appropriate? And what sort of outer covering?  First, I have to tell you this is a very american question cause french women really rarely wear long evening floor length gown. The french style being […]

What boots for my boyfriend jeans?

Reader’s question: “I would like to know what kind of boots suits to boyfriend jeans best. I am a tall and thin 43 yo woman.” Hello, Boyfriend jeans do indeed look good with boots, but not with every kind of boots. Those jeans slightly enlarge and shorten the figure. I recommend wearing low boots that […]

How to wear my pale pink coat?

Two seasons ago, designers seem to have taken candy floss as a fashion inspiration. And now pale pink coats are invading the streets. Which is cool! But which is also a cause of dilemna whether to buy or no not buy a pink coat that might match nothing at all. The problem beeing what color […]