Style coaching day

You feel like your style doesn’t match your personality? Ask me for the full style coaching which includes the closet editing and the personal shopping. 

First we meet for a morning tea to know more about your needs and expectations before heading to your closet.

Here, I help you find out what fits you and what does not, what your purchases mistakes are and what shall go first on your to buy list.

I also dig for your closet’s sleeping beauties and create new outfits out of your wardrobe contents.

Then we go for a well deserved lunch break before starting the shopping afternoon.

I select the shops that suit your style and budget and explain you how to find the pieces that are suited to your body and personality.

I create outfits with the new clothes and explain you how to match each of them in terms of shape and colors.

A week after the shopping, I give you a style recap about my tips and how to wear your new purchases

Fees: 500 €

I can provide this service outside of Paris on request.

Parisians can book the closet editing and the personal shopping on a different day.


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