Find your color vibe, March 24th, 10am NY time, 4pm Paris time

1h30 masterclass with me, Aloïs Guinut, personal stylist in a small interactive group of 8 people

There are much more colors that suit you than the “seasonal” ones.

They depend on your own skin, eyes, and hair colors indeed but also on the colors that match your personality.

My approach to color is much wider than the seasonal one so you never feel like you are stuck with the same shades.

1/ My color vibe method

  • how to find the colors that make your complexion radiate?
  • what are the colors that match your personality?
  • why and how you can wear more colors than you would think?

2/ Get to know our color vibes

I share a well-lit pic of each participant to the masterclass (that they will have given to me ahead) and ask them about them so we can all get a sense of « their vibe » (which means both their look and their personality)

Then each of the participants make assumptions about the color vibe (I too) and we discuss it with each person

3/ How to combine the colors?

  • The neutrals
  • The flattering colors
  • The less flattering colors


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