Distance styling

1/ Distance style consulting

Not in Paris? Arrange a distance style consulting with me!

After a video meeting to meet you and learn about your expectation I will create you a custom illustrated style recommendation PDF containing:

  • shapes advice
  • colors advice
  • style advice
  • hair and makeup advice
  • style advice

All the tips in the PDF are illustrated!

Price: 200 €

2/ Distance outfit creation 

After a video call to meet you and learn about your expectations, I will create 10 outfits that suit your body, style, personality and lifestyle!

Price: 150€ 

100€ if following the distance style consulting

3/ Targeted style questions

Ask me anything. Assemble an outfit for a party with your existing closet, find shoes to match your new skirt, curate a seasonal selection…

65 € an hour

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