How to wear my black shirt?

“My mum gave my a beautiful plain black shirt. I like it but every time I wear it I feel like … my mum. How can I wear it in a cool way? I am still a student”


Lucky you! Wardrobe basics are the best because they are versatile and can complete plenty of outfits.

Here are different ways you could style your black shirt.

1. Casual flirty

Black shirt sunny city week-end outfit

Mixed with ripped Levis, the black shirt, ballerinas and bucket bag do not look so classic anymore.

2. Chic boho

Black shirt boho outfit

Flare corduroy pants, a fringed bag, high heels and voilà, you are a modern version of… your mum … in the seventies ^^

3. Minimalist rock

Black skinny jeans outfit

Sometimes beeing stylish doesn’t require a lot. A whole black outfit can be nice if you use different fabrics: here fluid shirt + tight jeans + lacquered shoes. And add some nice accessories (necklace and bracelet here). A pop of red on nails or/and lips is welcome.

4. Cute party time

Black shirt party time

Mini skirt can be very sexy… but if you style it with a classic top such as your black shirt, it becomes “well-behaved” (do you use that in english? in french we say “sage”). I used fuschia sparkly Saint Laurent for the fun. But of course black classic low boots would be great too.

So, still think a black shirt is boring?


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  1. Très jolie sélection !!!

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