My point of view on seasonal colour analysis

Do you know the seasonal color analysis? It consists of linking a woman to a seasonal color palette based on her own colored features such as the skin, the eyes, and the hair. Spoiler: I do not use it and will tell you how I do instead. I/ How does seasonal color analysis works? Seasonal […]

Clothes tsundoku

In japanese, tsundoku means creating piles of book you won’t read. After years of visiting women’s closets I can testify women do the same with their clothes. How many times have I seen wardrobe full of wonderful high heeled shoes whilst the only everyday pair of boots was worn to death. How many tops with […]

What headwear for winter?

I am lazy to write you an intro, so here we start by listing all the hats you could put on your lovely head. I/ Listing of existing headwear 1/ The beanie A classic. Love it as it brings a cool vibe to any outfit at any age. You can choose it oversized or perfectly […]

The comfort we sacrifice in the name of fashion

Yesterday I had dinner with a friend who claimed she never wore pants for she finds them uncomfortable. How odd did I think. Then I find myself typing this article with my stiff blue jeans cutting my midsection as I sit. To be honest I am not even paying attention. It is what it is. […]

Why accessories are important

Because they can change an outfit! No big talk today, images will explain it all. 1. Rock country Stiff and washed-off, those jeans, are already a bit rock. I choose to emphasize it with a pair of snakeskin boots and western style belt with double boots. The outfit is in a classic, black, grey (silver) […]

How to avoid superfluous details

Hello Mesdames! You may have noticed that some pieces of your wardrobe are really complicated to combine with others. Two explanations for that: – they are very interesting and stylish pieces that are self-sufficient and that you should combine with basics (if you are not an accomplished fashionista yet) – they contain what I call […]

The decoration element you need to have amazing style

I want to talk about… full-length mirror! Without it, you’ll be unable to acknowledge your silhouette as a whole. You need it to balance the volumes, the colors, the prints, and accessories in your outfits. And if the reason you do not own one is a lack of love of your body I swear you […]

How to wear tights?

First thing first. Tights are warm. They hug the skin and let no breeze go in between the fabric and the legs. That’s my opinion: you may debate in comments. (Well and I am talking substantial enough tights) I/ Choose your tights Find comfy tights And roll free too. Easy task. Just choose one with […]

How to wear scarves

Back on my series of “updated basic tips” now is… the scarf! In the midst of a pandemic, let’s try not to catch a cold on top of this, shall we? And while we are talking covid, I suggest you buy yourself a series of black cloth masks. There are plenty on Etsy for instance! […]

Are the French’s outfits in Emily in Paris accurate?

I recently binged  Emily in Paris. As everyone apparently. It both entertained and annoyed me at the same time. Everything is SO CLICHE. Yet fun, I can’t deny! Anyways, let’s focus on the costumes. Not Emily’s, but the french women in the show. Is this really what french women would wear in real life? My […]

Summer staples you can wear in autum

I/ Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits Unless the look of the dress really is too summery (like a super thin cotton or linen), there are many flowy summer dresses you can transition in autumn and then winter. Silk, viscose and thick cotton work best. You guessed it, the trick is to add layers. It could be […]

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