Fashion, the planet, confinement, the future and I

For the first time since confinment started I have not written my weekly article. Today,  I feel like I can’t write until I have shared my current thoughts. Only three days after the dramatic terrorist attacks of November 2015, I wrote a text about how I felt. Hoping Paris would rise again as it always […]

How to finally wear this piece of clothing that never sees the light?

Confined people are getting super crafty and creative. In France, the big hype right now is baking your bread. OF. COURSE. What could be more french? Well, a quick Instagram search proved me this bread enthusiasm goes well beyond our country. Trends and food being the only things traveling now that people are not allowed […]

How to dress for a conf-call?

The lockdown did cut our social life into halves. We speak without touching and see only the upper part of our fellow humans. As we get to put 50% of our being out there, why not make the best of it. We do not have much to do anyways (well that’s if you do not […]

Styling tricks you can learn from AW 21 fashion shows – part 2

Bonjour quarantined readers! After two days of binging everything there was to read about Covid-19 but also Spanish flu and the Plague epidemics, which actually soothed me (I mean humanity got back from worst than what we are experiencing!), I am back here to provide non-epidemic related contents. I will focus on fashion tips you […]

Styling tricks you can learn from AW 2021 fashion shows

Watching the fashion show can be a baffling experience. How are those wonderful looks to be worn outside of a catwalk? I admit you won’t pull out a sequin embroidered transparent dress under a grandpa wool jacket on a daily basis… but you can get inspired even from the most intricated silhouettes. What about taking […]

How layer a thin turtleneck?

Some would say I am one year behind the trend. Others would appreciate my dedication to observing the evolution of a trend before rendering a complete advise guide. The best part? By looking at the last fashion-week collection the trend is faaar to be over and I predict it a glorious career. Of course, high […]

How to get the best out of your hairdresser?

Yesterday, I accompanied a client at the hairdresser, As an image consultant, I determined that short hair with swoop fringe would emphasize her beautiful eyes and make her face radiate energy. Which would be in line with the new overall outfit dynamic that we had implemented with the clothes. Nevertheless I did not enter the […]

Are expensive clothes worth the money?

Some cotton T-shirts are worth 100 times more than others. Oui, oui, oui, you read it correctly. A Primark basic T-shirt is sold 5 euros when the Dior ” we should all be feminists” model is tagged 620 euros. Which is even more than 100 times if you do the math properly. But except a […]

How to wear an oversized sweater?

The other day, while I waited for my client to change clothes, a woman was being advised by a salesperson who was asserting the knit she was trying on was a perfect fit. As soon as the vendor had left, the lady, who had picked up I was a stylist, asked me for advice: “isn’t […]

How to wear gray?

When not associated with handcuffs, gray can sound like a boring color. The one of cobblestones, February sky and heartless offices. It may not be the funkiest of colors indeed but it does have some undeniable style perks. it’s an often overlooked neutral color it conveys either edginess, professionalism or refinement it can be many […]

How to wear skinnies in tall boots

In the late noughties, we used to channel our inner Kate Moss wearing skinny jeans tucked inside tall boots. One decade later, this trend seemed to have completely disappeared… except for some ladies who did not let go of the past trends. Good news for them, they could now be considered as trendsetters (better than […]

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