Should I shop fast fashion?

I WANT: Minimalist white sneakers, a fluid trench, an holographic clutch, a neoprene skirt, leopard derbies, a new black leather bag, a grey boyfriend coat, a colorful scarf, a pair of gloves, a transparent coat, a fluffy feather skirt, a…. Stoooop that is too much things to want! Fashion has never been moving so fast […]

How to dress for a winter wedding?

You’ve been invited to a wedding. Yay! You’ve read my last article on how to dress for a wedding so you are ready to be the most stylish of all ladies there… But what if the wedding, takes place right now, when it is coooold (unless you live in south hemisphere or LA – hello […]

How to wear all black

We parisian are famous for our love of black. Although, in the streets, it less obvious nowadays than it used to be, black is still one of our wardrobe favorites. But wearing only black is not common though. Spontaneously I would also advise you not do do that. BUT as a matter of fact, when […]

How to shine in the daytime?

Now that the sun is not that shiny anymore, it is your turn to enlighten the days with luminous clothes. As well as with your bright mind, of course^^ But how to pull out sequins, metallic fabrics, foil or lurex during daytime without looking overdressed? Follow the guide! 1/ How much shine? a. Start with […]

How to choose your winter coat?

New York seems to be freezing while in Paris it is still summer but, no matter what weather you have, every shop in the Northern does display this big item right now: the winter coat. You might have already one in your wardrobe, probably even several but there is always a time when they get […]

How to wear plain T-shirts?

Bonjour Mesdames, Today I am gonna talk about THE most fundamental of my wardrobe staples: the plain T-shirt. I own them in all kind of neutral colors: white of course, grey, black, nude, etc. Why should you own some (or lots) as well? – With such simple tops, you can pair any necklaces, jackets, pants […]

How to wear an eccentric item

Being stylish depends on small things such as a good cut, a nice fabric, a flattering color or an accessory that shoots right in the middle (found this one in my dictionary, is that correct?). To stand out from the crowd and enter the club for those whose style will be remembered – at least […]

How to dress when you are pregnant?

Hello Mesdames, Long time no seen! I have been very busy in Paris and then (very busy) sunbathing in île de ré, with what my friends call my “beach smoking suit” I wasn’t sure what to talk about for my comeback and then saw in the comments a reader from Italy asking me ideas on […]

How to be pretty on the beach?

When it is too late for exercising, my best advice to be pretty on the beach would be to wear a pretty outfit. An outfit? On the beach? But we’re just talking swimsuit, right? What the hell is this crazy french girl talking about? About the fact that, even almost naked you can accessorize. Swimsuit+ […]

How to wear shorts (in summer)

In France summer is definitely here and Paris is burning (well at least it feels like it). Therefore, more and more shorts can be spotted in the streets. But it is not easy to wear those in a stylish way. And we wouldn’t want to look like tourists hiking in the city would we? Here […]

How to shop for summer sales

Summer sales begun yesterday in Paris. In France, sales are a whole month long twice a year and are very interesting: prices can go down up to 50%! Here are my tips to be shopping efficient during this period of time. Even though that is not always relevant if you are outside of France, think […]

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