How to wear a (white) blouse

We should all have a little white blouse in our wardrobe.

Well, when I say, white blouse, I mean the basic one: long sleeves, buttons and regular collar.

(We won’t speak about the many others here cause, well, it is past midnight here, and I could take me all night).

In cotton, silk or linen, the white blouse fits every occasion, every season and every bodyshape. I know, you already love her.

Depending on how you wear it, the same blouse can give you a very different allure. You could indeed, roll up your sleeves or let them long, button your collar to the top of open it to reaveal your neckline, use it to accessorize your sweater or make it the star or your outfit, etc.

Pfiouu! SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I agree.

Let’s try  to figure out all the options though.

First, find the blouse(s) that’ll fit you best and then go find inspiration on how to wear it!

1. How to choose my white blouse(s)

It can have many shapes and be made of many fabrics.

Here are the 3 main ones and my advices on which to choose.

(But like Pokemons, you can also catch them all and gather them in your closet. They’ll get along just fine.)

A. Belted blouse

chemise cintrée alain figaret

Alain Figaret

– Definition

A belted blouse is a tight blouse. Its fabrics should be quite stiff. Its cut tighten at the waist. You can identify it with the two seams located on both sides in the back and in the front like on the above pic (yes, yes, put your glasses on).

– How to choose it?

Before buying a belted blouse, you should check out two things:

– the shoulder seam should be located right on the angle of your own shoulder, if it is lower, then the blouse is too big, if it is higher, then the shirt is too tight.

– if you notice horizontal pleats near the buttons, then it is too tight.

– Is this blouse appropriate for my bodytype?

It is the perfect shirt for petite girls with delicate shoulders, because it’ll give them some stature.

If you are a somewhat hefty on the top (breasts, shoulders or belly), I advise you not to wear this kind of blouse cause it might create a “block” effect.

– How to wear it?

The perfect office blouse. It looks nice when worn with somehow larger pants/skirt.

You can also play with its buisnesswoman/ serious schoolgirl look to chasten a girly skirt.

 B. Fluid blouse

Oversize fluid white blouse

– Definition

The fluidity of a blouse depends from its fabric. It should slip in your hands and be difficult to fold (silk, thin cotton, linen, etc).

The perfect choice to inject some cool into your outfits!

– How to choose it

I advise you to choose it fitted (the seam should be on the edge of your shoulder) for a sophisticated style and oversize (the seam is lower than your shoulder, see above featured outfit) for a more casual style.

– Is this blouse appropriate for my bodytype?

Good news, this kind of blouse flatters every of you ladies!

But if you are small, be careful not disappear in an oversize model (or tuck it into you pants and roll the sleeves to enhance your petite features as seen in the above pic).

– How to wear it?

You can tuck it into your pants/skirt and blouse it out, that’ll be very elegant (and is the perfect trick to camouflage a chubby belly).

For those looking for a more casual allure, forget to tuck, or, do what fashionistas call the half-tuck, which consists in tucking only half of your blouse. You can do only one side (perfect to enhance a flat belly), or only the front.

You can also knot your blouse nineties style.

C. Boyfriend blouse

Rolled up sleeves white shirt Polienne


– Definition

Neither fluid or belted, it is just “too big for you”. Generally made of cotton or linen.

– How to choose it?

Steel it to your best mate, to your hubby, to your boyfriend, to your son, to your dad, on the neighbour’s clothesline and, in desperation, in the men’s departement.

Is this blouse appropriate for my bodytype?

This kind of blouse, looks better on rather tall women, whether thin (think Françoise Hardy) or curvy (think Marilyn)

If you have large shoulders, be aware that it could masculinize you (is that even a word?).

If you are petite, don’t get yourself lost in this kind of blouse (even though that can be super cute, isn’t it Audrey?)

– How to wear it?

Structure it to enhance its allure and reveal some skin: roll up its sleeves, knot it at the waist, unbutton it “à la Jane Birkin”, etc.

2. How to be stylish with a white blouse?

The good thing about a white blouse is that is matches almost everything, enlighten outfits and give them extra class.

Here are some inspirations.

A. Mix it with unexpected clothes

The white blouse is not exclusive to office and clean outfits!

– Temper the sexyness of your miniskirt by buttoning it to the top

assagir une mini jupe avec une chemise cintrée boutonnée jusqu'au cou

The Northern light

– Chic up your bohemian long skirt

dress up a long skirt les lumières de la pluie

Les lumières de la pluie

– Transform your glitter skirt into an urban outfit

found on scotch and soda, temper glitter skirt with white shirt

Scotch and Soda

B. Use it as an accessory by showing of its collar, sleeves and bottom under your sweaters

Buttoned up white blouse as an accessory

Here the rock dimension of the perfecto is softened by the white blouse

C. Go for surprising fabrics

– Dare transparency without vulgarity

White blouse

Basic and opaque underwear (like a triangle shaped bra), an oversize cut, and you are good to go!

D. Accessorize it!

– Wear your jewels above your buttoned up collar

chunky necklace on buttoned up blouse

buttoned up white blouse with necklace on top

gabriela artigas small necklace on buttoned up white blouse

Gabriela Artigas jewels

– Or above your opened collar

white blouse chunky pendant necklace

– Heat it up with thin jewels into your low cut neckline

White blouse lots of thin jewels

Accumulation is very pretty here cause the jewels are thin and cause a blouse is  an atemporal, which is like a neutral on your look.

All the above looks feature gold, but you can also go for silver, colors, whatever you feel like!

E. Shake it up!

– Wear it as a jacket

chemise boyfriend portée en surchemise

Band of outsiders

– Level up you cool level by half-tucking it

chemise blanche half tuck

Lou guinnamand Lookbook nu fluid white blouse half tuck skater dress

Lenna Guennamand on

Half tuck everlane


But stay natural or it can be kind of ridiculous.

– Relax it by rolling up its sleeves

rolled sleeves white blouse found on interiorsbystudiom

Perfect for lighting up a black pencil skirt

– Knot it like in the nineties

striped shirt waist knot found on style carrot

Yes it is not white but I could not find 🙂

But anyway, lots of those advices apply to every shirt no matter its color (I am very tolerant ^^).

F. Think shape contrast

A trick that is always effective when it comes to clothes matching

– Belted blouse + Wider skirt

Fluid white blouse tucked in large skirt ASOS


– Large blouse + skinny pants

Marilyn's closet blue blouse

Marilyn’s closet

3. Conclusion

Proof reading my article, I observed that most of the featured outfits were very classic, so my extra advice would be to go wild! Dare wearing eccentric pieces with your blouse! Since it is a basic, you can try a lot.

And who knows, maybe it’ll match that pencil green lamé skirt that has never seen daylight since you’ve bought it?

To celebrate, let’s get rid of the blouse!

Cover collage: See (Anna) Jane and Damsel in Dior

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  1. Stina says:

    Thanks ! You made my day ! With what you say, two or three shirts go a long way !

  2. Lyna says:

    Article juste extra ! Bravo à toi ! Pleins de bons trucs à piocher ici 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Brilliant post! You are the best. I had a laugh at the ridiculous loooooook and love all your tips. Xx

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Thanks Sarah, hope to meet you next time in Paris lady!

      • IRIS says:

        J’ai préféré opter pour une chemise femme coupe homme et j’ai trouvé la pièce parfaite sur Net à Porter chez Victoria Beckam, pas cintrée, belle amplitude, col parfait, une patte pour cacher les boutons même aux poignets: parfaite! jusqu’à ce que je la recoive… dans un état épouvantable odorante, abimée et tâchée… rien que ca… c’était la dernière pièce sur le stock et du coup ils ne me laissent que mes yeux pour pleurer.

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