How to choose your winter coat?

New York seems to be freezing while in Paris it is still summer but, no matter what weather you have, every shop in the Northern does display this big item right now: the winter coat.

You might have already one in your wardrobe, probably even several but there is always a time when they get all tatty and you need … to buy a new one.

Which is not the easiest purchase: it is an investment and you are gonna wear it for at least 3 years – if you are a conscious fashion girl just like me – so you should better choose one that suits you ^^

1 Lenght

1.1 Hips lenght coat (or shorter)

Blouson de motard ASOS


Wear this kind of coat if you do not live in a very cold country or for a sunny day/ at mid-season.

They will be your friend if you wanna show of your legs in winter.

If you have large hips and/or a belly, avoid them because they will make those look larger.

1.2 Mid tights lenght coat

Zebra coat


A length that will flatter everyone and will not make you freeze (well, if you do wear something underneath).

The best choice if you are petite or/and do not have long legs.

1.3 Knee lenght coats

manteau tailored bleu french connexion asos

French connexion (on Asos)

Around knee-lenght coats are also very flattering for a lot of ladies.

Go for them if you are on the tall side and/or have long legs.

1.4 Extra long coats

manteau sous le genoux coupe trapeze asos


Under the knee coats are super risky for the silhouette.

You really should be slender to try those on and, even with that, they are often not very flattering when worn closed… Which explains why you’ll see many fashionistas wearing them open (which is cool for streetstyle pics but NOT when it is minus zero).

2. Shape

2.1 Tailored “men’s style”

ganni asos tailored bordeaux

Ganni (on Asos)

This kind of cut will always make you look sleek and elegant.

2.2 Loose “boyfriend”

ASOS tailored relaxed carreaux


The difference with the first coat “men’s style”? Its shoulders cut. See how low they hang here? That is what is specific to this boyfriend relaxed cut. This kind of coat gives a boho casual look to your outfit.

Careful if you are petite. You could look like you are really “lost in your coat”.

2.3 Tailored with defined waist

Miroslava Duma manteau cintré

Miroslava Duma

Coat cintré girl with curves

Girl with curves

A “très féminin” choice. Perfect if you do own a defined waist no matter if super slim or curvier.

But if you are an H or and O shape with no waist do not try to create a “waist effect” with those, that would only set the focus in this area.

manteau ceinturé tangerine ted baker asos

Ted Baker on Asos

Same as 2.3

2.5 Sixties

manteau sixties New Look chez ASOS


Both feminine and elegant, this coat suits every lady.

Its shape might be straight or slightly trapeze

I advise you to wear it without scarf to reveal its beautiful collar line.

2.6 Cape

Cape Gloverall asos

Gloverall (on Asos)

Feminine but very large, the cape suits ladies with pretty legs.

Attention Mesdames: it is NOT easy to wear a bag with a cape!

2.7 Parka

parka river island asos

This very casual coat will suit every of you for laid back outfits.

2.8 Chunky

Maja Wyh

Maja Wyh

By “chunky”, I mean those very warm winter coats made of super thick fabrics that often have a “cushioning” effect.

In order not to look like a teddy-bear with those you can:

– choose them short and wear them with slim pants or tights

– choose them fluid (yes a fur or a sheep-skin can be fluid)

If you are a plump girl avoid the fabrics that are too fluffy or too stiff (again, in order not to look like a teddy-bear ^^).

3. Colors and prints

3.1 Neutral and plain colors



In order to be able to match each and every of your outfits with your coat and not get bored with it, you should own one that has a shape that suits you AND a neutral color

Black, navy blue, grey, beige, chocolate…

For a winter coat, white is not really a neutral color as it really stands out and might (will probably soon) get dirty ^^

3.2 Prints and/or bolder colors

Sixties coat girl with curves

Girl with curves

Only when you do own this perfect coat, can you consider other more creative options such as prints and fun colors 🙂

Last year candy cotton colors such as sugary pinks and blue introduced by Carven were the big trend. Why not? As long as you think you will be able to wear them ^^

If you want to play it safe but still have some fun, go for classic prints such as animals or tartan and prefer darker shades like emerald or bordeaux.

4. Decolletage and buttons

If you have broad shoulders and/ or are a busty girl, prefer coats that have decolletage to create a vertical line. You can complete them with a scarf.

It is also better to stay away from double breasted or billowy options.

5. Fabric

You should go for high quality fabrics when it comes to coats. Yes the price will be higher but your coat will look way more classy plus you’ll get to wear it for years, and, if just as it is for me, coat shopping is not your favorite thing, that is why you prefer to own long lasting ones!

And you? What is your coat staple? Do you also own some fun coats?


Cover collage: Mira Berglind and Trendy taste

21 Responses to “How to choose your winter coat?”
  1. Alina says:

    Hey. Thanks for the post. What colors of jeans/pants should I wear if I have a dark blue parka?

  2. noe63 says:

    Je vous remercie de me préciser ou trouver la maxi veste en peau retournée portée par Maja Wyh.

    merci par avance

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Bonjour, je n’ai pas la moindre idée de la marque de la veste. Chez Acne ils en ont souvent de magnifiques (mais là on entre en saison printemps donc ils en ont moins).
      Et comme c’est une veste de saison déjà passée, si vous voulez la retrouver à l’identique, il va falloir passer par un dépôt-vente.
      Je vous conseille de taper régulièrement “shearling” dans la barre de recherche de vestiaire collective, voire de vous abonner à la requête, c’est le meilleur moyen de trouver la veste de vos rêves.
      Sinon vous pouvez aussi retrouver le post sur le blog de Maja Wyh. Perso je n’ai pas réussi 🙂
      Bonne journée

  3. Alia says:

    where do you find your high quality coats?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      That is a vast topic!
      I am currently writing an ebook for good shopping adresses in Paris and where they can be found on the internet.
      In the meanwhile I advise you to pay attention to the fabric of the coat (aim for natural fabrics), to the sewing and to the cut: that is how you recognize an high quality coat.
      I really like the coats of APC, of the Kooples(even though I don’t like the spirit of the brand, they have excellent tailoring), of Tara Jarmon and Paul&Joe (more feminine), of Sessun, of Les prairies de Paris and of Ba&sh (super parisian boho chic).
      But you can find high quality coats everywhere when you pay attention 🙂

  4. amnsta says:

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir le nom de la bloggueuse sur la toute première photo à gauche, on ne voit pas ça tête !
    Merci d’avance xx

  5. Gosh I am so not ready to curate my winter wardrobe!

  6. Jenna says:

    Thanks for the helpful article 🙂 Maybe you could do one like this for winter boots? I’ve seen many nice ones but nothing that will be very warm or waterproof.


  7. Sarah says:

    Excellent observations & very useful post. I am using last years cost, but nice to dream….

  8. Alex says:

    Thanks for this post – really useful! Love the coats you’ve featured. A x

  9. Estelle says:

    Un article exhaustif et très intéressant ! Pour ma part, je résiste de toutes mes forces à l’hiver en mettant des blazers et des trenchs.Mais je sais que je devrais capituler ….


  10. très bon conseils avec une pointe d’humour.. je suis pressée de m’acheter mon manteau!

  11. Christine says:

    Hello. I must say, I love your blog! I’ve been following it for some time now and I’ve also liked your page on FB! I like how you are straight to the point with your suggestions. I find it so easy to understand what you are trying to point out (or teach) your readers. 🙂

    I love this particular post. Can you tell us what brand the red (orange?) coat is, the one before the 2.5 Sixties coat? It is the one under tailored with defined waist. I think this might just be the perfect coat for me! 🙂 If it’s something you cannot share, I hope you can lead us to the right direction. I have trouble finding coats like this. Thanks so much! 🙂

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