How to wear an eccentric item

Being stylish depends on small things such as a good cut, a nice fabric, a flattering color or an accessory that shoots right in the middle (found this one in my dictionary, is that correct?).

To stand out from the crowd and enter the club for those whose style will be remembered – at least for the day – you should dare wear some eccentric items. The kind that fills us with wonder when we see them in the shop but that we often do not purchase at the end cause we fear they might end up eater by moths. Or those that, in a fit of madness we actually bough and that did not see daylight since you brought them in your dressing.

Let’s figure out how to wear them, I bet they cannot wait to be shown!

I. Infallible technique: eccentric item + basic items

Wear your eccentric item with basic items.

You’ll also see that owning some of those is a good thing because they will easily boost your classic outfits.

See for yourself:

The shoes makes it all
The shoes makes it all by dresslikeaparisian

A super simple outfit and three shoes options.

With the black pumps, the carrot pants and the T-shirt seem rather boring, with the pink ones, the outfits is more pepsy and with the Miu Miu sandals, it becomes stylish!

The good thing is that the equation works with any other basic clothes:
Miu Miu sandals + Rolled up boyfriend jeans + White blouse
Miu Miu sandals + A line navy blue skirt + black spaghetti top

Maybe some of you think that it’s easy to do it with the shoes. Yes indeed, and with the jewels as well. Therefore I advise those for do not feel confident to begin with those and to check my article about accessories.

But the recipe works with anything.

With a coat:

Coat makes the outfit
Coat makes the outfit by dresslikeaparisian

With a top:

Top makes the outfit
Top makes the outfit by dresslikeaparisian

With a dress:

Dress makes the outfit
Dress makes the outfit by dresslikeaparisian

As we just saw with the shoes, this does not mean you’ll always wear your eccentric item the same way.

There are tons of basic items that are very different from each other.

What do they have in common? A classic shape and a color that does not stand out. A beige trench, the Stan Smith or black skinny jeans are all part of this category.

Conclusion: in order to wear eccentric items, you should own basic ones that do not contain any superfluous details.

The closets of my clients often lack basics or eccentric pieces or even both.

II. Daring technic: eccentric itemS

Now that you are ready to wear some eccentric items, you can wear more than one in an outfit and become a style queen!

How? Identify the style of the center item in your outfit and choose items that matches it.

Here is how I do it.

Boho night queen
Boho night queen by dresslikeaparisian
This Heimstone dress has a boho glamourous style with its autumnal shiny fabric, therefore I’ll wear it with golden derbies (boho glam as well) and an organic cuff. To complete the look a very natural matte make up, a messy bun, discreet nailpolish and a classic clutch that won’t be noticed will be perfect.
Funky Afterwork party
Funky Afterwork party by dresslikeaparisian
With this silver faux leather skirt – an item less eccentric than it appears since its cut is the only thing that stands out – I associate a working girl blouse twisted by a draped bottom and sunny yellow loafers to downgrade the sexy effect. The look is completed with a pop art “magazine” clutch, a flashy lipstick and simple yet funky earrings. Et voilà! Ready to sip cocktails in a hype place.
Annie Hall's revival
Annie Hall’s revival by dresslikeaparisian

This pants are not easy to wear are they? They look that they could belong to Annie Hall. Therefore I complete this masculine/feminine intellectual outfit with heeled leather derbies, kind of baroque earrings, a classic bag in a sophisticated foal fabric and a basic black blouse because you do not wanna look too much.

And you? Do you own eccentric items in your wardrobe? How do you wear them?

Cover collage: Heimstone, Valentine Gauthier

14 Responses to “How to wear an eccentric item”
  1. Tricia says:

    J’aime votre article. When I shop I don’ t necessarily shop for outfits but what catches my eye. I bought some great unusual pieces at a little boutique in Montmartre in Paris (boiled wool made in paris) a couple of jackets and a skirt and a mix them up with different pieces in my wardrobe and they look great and I feel great wearing them.
    Votre article m’ai donne plus idees que je peux utilser au future. Merci!

  2. Kate says:

    I love this entry because I like eccentric things. I love it when a woman puts an ensemble together that makes me stop, look and think. And I love your english! Quelle charmant! (Is that correct?) Never stop being you. It’s fabulous

  3. Caitlin says:

    Love love love these outfits xxxx

  4. Katie says:

    Hello! My cousin sent me the link to your blog and I am loving it! Since you asked about the phrase regarding accessories in your opening, it’s “hits the mark” rather than ” shoots right down the middle”. But let’s be honest, your English is so much stronger than my French 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Yes. I follow the same principles. Lots of well cut basic items in my wardrobe and the odd piece of vintage or high fashion item, when i. Can afford it.

  6. Lisa says:

    Your outfits are just great.

  7. Estelle says:

    Super article, toujours clair, structuré, éclairant ! J’ai débuté sagement avec un pièce forte par tenue puis maintenant, j’ose en mixer 2 ! Très souvent, l’une des deux est une paire de chaussures ! J’aime jouer le décalage avec une pièce forte : des escarpins de greluche , enfin rose très rose ( ceux sur ma page facebook ! ), et une tenue très chic, veste bleue marine, petits boutons dorés. Ou tshirt à imprimé avec la mention “hautaine” et des fleurs dans les cheveux ! Un vrai oxymore vestimentaire !


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