How to avoid superfluous details

Hello Mesdames!

You may have noticed that some pieces of your wardrobe are really complicated to combine with others.

Two explanations for that:

– they are very interesting and stylish pieces that are self sufficient and that you should combine with basics (if you are not an accomplished fashionista yet)

– they contain what I call unnecessary of superfluous details

Those are details that to not make a cloth stand out but only make it difficult to match with others.

Learn how to recognize those details in order to avoid them.

1. Superfluous prints

– Example 1

T-shirt orientalisant venca

This print suggests an oriental/ arabic look (cannot really tell actually). But is unfortunately not stylish.

Rather go for:

If you wanna go oriental/arabic, prefer gold bangles or a super long Jasmine-like skirt…

– Example 2

T-shirt journal votre mode

The newspaper print suggests a rock and arty look but does not succeed in doing so.

Rather go for:

Don’t you think that lady would have looked more “rock” with a plain loose black shirt worn with a plain jean?

2. Superfluous little elements

– Strass wings

taillissime pull ailes

We have seen so much of these strass wings, we are now bored of them, but even back when they were new, I think they never added any elegance or style to an outfit. Maybe just a glimpse of fun.

My advise is that when you go for something surprising, do not stop half way.

Rather go for:

Here is an example of T-shirt with statement back wings.

stand out wings t-shirt

More eye-catching indeed. And self sufficient.

– Fringes

Print et franges T-shirt trois suisses

Those fringes are a little bit shiny and therefore look quite cheap. They evoke folk atmosphere but are paired with a rock printed T-shirt for a result that is uncertain.

Rather go for:

You can achieve a great rock and folk mix yourself! Pair used cowboy boots with a skinny jean or a leather skirt, a loose grey shirt and black kohl eyes.

– Adorments on jeans

jean strass la redoute

What is the point of adding some strass on your jean? To look both glam and cool right? But you could achieve that much better by pairing a plain jean with a silky low neck top and bright red lips. Because you know, strass jeans, just look a bit… let’s say Paris-Hiltony.

sparkling sweater

Same with those colored sweaters that seem to be simple but contain a very complicated detail: strass patches. Why? Cause strass = glamour + patch= cool + colors = fun ==> result = no real style.

Rather go for:

Want to achieve a cool+ glam+ fun look? Mix a corduroy jacket with patches and a jean that looks a bit worn (cool) + high heels and red lips (glam) + “la fumeuse” necklace by Alice Hubert (fun)

3. Overcomplicated cuts

– Undefined cuts

redoute creation robe

Cowl front + normal collar + pleats + pockets = whaaaat?

Rather go for:

Prefer pieces that have a simple but efficient cut. They’ll be more beautiful and will be easier to mix with others.

With such a complicated dress no necklace or jacket or cardigan will match…

– Superfluous cut details

Desigual folded skirt

Here you have a complicated print + a cut that contains unnecessary details.

See that little folds at the bottom? Do they add any style? No? It means that they are superfluous.

4. Conclusion

When buying a piece that is not a basic, ask yourself the question: if I wear this piece with a plain jean/ plain T-shirt, will I look stylish or elegant? If the answer is no the detail is superfluous.

The reason ladies often choose clothes with this kind of details is because they are shy to choose highly fashionable pieces but still want something that make them different from the others.

Let me tell you something: you’ll look more stylish with well cut basics properly matched.

But of course, I do not advise you to wear only basics 🙂 I am too much of a fashion lover for that!

So if you want to be stylish, go for a really strong piece that you mix with neutral pieces.

Or do a successful mix and match of clothes that complete each others in terms of colors, fabric, cut etc… You are your own stylist, do not rely on some  T-shirt with ready-made “style” inside.

You can choose creative prints, surprising cuts, eccentric jewels. Have fun!

And keep reading my posts for more advices on how to mix and match ^^’

Bisous de Paris

Cover pic: Beautiful Prada details that really make you stand out, Minimalist and well cut outfit . Both are stylish options!

Pics: Venca, Votre mode, Les trois suisses, Redoute création, Desigual

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10 Responses to “How to avoid superfluous details”
  1. Wendy says:

    What does “strass” mean? It is not English as far as I know, so I can only guess what you might mean by it.

    Is the point of your article to avoid buying clothes that aren’t basic? To me, that sounds a bit boring. On your instagram you had a cute picture of yourself wearing a leather skirt, fun sheer tights and an amazingly fun pair of gold and leopard loafers that are definitely not basic. So I am confused. Could you maybe clarify? What if I buy a dress in a neural plain colour but in an interesting shape that is asymmetrical and interesting. When I wear such a dress, I don’t add extra details, whereas when I wear basics, an outfit lacks something unless I add an interesting detail like your gold and leopard loafers. Does that violate the point of your article?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      “Strass” means fake jewels. Sorry about this mistake.
      No the point of my article is to recommend to avoid clothes with superfluous details that are neither basics neither statement pieces. Like a T-shirt with a non interesting print, or pants embroidered with little fake jewels. They both have a superfluous detail that do not make them stand out but make them difficult to pair.
      If the dress you are talking about is well cut and interesting then perfect!
      And what you say about basics is perfectly true. When you wear basics, it is best to spice them up with an interesting accessory such as my loafers.
      Actually in this outfit I was wearing two basics: a black leather skirt and a white silk shirt, along with fun shoes and tights. It was a balance between complicated and basic pieces.
      What I recommend is to avoid the in betweens.

      • Wendy says:

        Ohhh, I see! Thank you so much for this clarification. It makes everything clear. I understand now. Excellent point. I totally see what you mean now!


  2. Julie says:

    Bonjour, j’aurais aimé savoir sur quel site peut on trouver le tee-shirt avec une hirondelle dans le dos, le 2a avec l’oiseau bleu, merci et bonne journée 🙂

  3. Robyn says:

    i think your observations are very enlightening and spot on. I read your blog in order to learn to achieve the effortless Paris style which is about discipline, simplicity and restraint to result in chicness. Cheap embellishments, glitz, and all these topics are what we observe and criticize …. but you put it into rules and words. Thank you

  4. Justine says:

    This article is really interesting! I enjoy your advices very much. You come up with intriguing topics.
    Best, Justine

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