How to shop for summer sales

Summer sales begun yesterday in Paris.

In France, sales are a whole month long twice a year and are very interesting: prices can go down up to 50%!

Here are my tips to be shopping efficient during this period of time.

Even though that is not always relevant if you are outside of France, think of that guideline when it comes to reduced prices in general.

1. Remain rational

– Don’t buy things JUST because the price is ridiculously low!

– Keep in mind, that no matter how much a good deal it is, a dress that does not flatter your figure is never a good purchase.

– When in doubt, let the night pass. This cute jacket is still in your mind? Then go for it! (well, if it dissapeared, it was fate). And do not listen to the salesperson insisting on the fact that “it is the last one”.

2. Indulge yourself with some designer pieces

Sales are the ideal moment to purchase clothes that would normally be over your budget.

Rather than looking for classic pieces (that are anyway almost never on sale), go for outstanding items that will add allure to your outfits.


escarpins J crew

J.crew pumps on net à porter
Shourouk BO net à porter
Shourouk on Net à porter

Veste Wanda Nylon l'exception
Wanda Nylon on L’exception (french shop)

3. Consider both boutiques AND the internet
– In shops,  you’ll be able to try out and discover items you would not have spotted otherwise.

Enjoy going to shops that are usually overpriced for you.
On the internet, you can compare different offers before making your final choice. The perfect way not to regret to have splurged all your budget in a dress that you “just liked”, when the perfect one was in the shop next door.

4. Think expensive fabrics

Expensive fabrics such as leather, silk, sequins or even superfine cotton are very expensive to produce which explain their cost.

Enjoy sales to put more of them into your wardrobe. They are good investments that’ll last for years!
robe cuir bash
Leather dress by Bash (french brand)

robe brodée de sequins farfetch

Sequins dress found by Farfetch

5. Have fun

Even though mass-market brands are not the best place to do sale shopping – cause the discounted items have most of the time either bad cut of very cheap fabric (their price was not the reason they were not bought in the first place) –  you can find some really fun items at ridiculously low prices there.

But do not seek for classics! Generally the interesting pieces are the ones that the average shopper considered to be to crazy for their wardrobe cause they contain sequins, unusual cut, prints or flashy colors.

robe pailletée h et m

H and M dress

pull cheap monday
Cheap monday

And you, do you do sales shopping?

Cover collage: Wanda Nylon jacket and Sophia Webster sandal

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  1. Sarah says:

    I avoid the sales like a diseased cow…. 🙂

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