How to wear all black

We parisian are famous for our love of black. Although, in the streets, it less obvious nowadays than it used to be, black is still one of our wardrobe favorites.

But wearing only black is not common though. Spontaneously I would also advise you not do do that. BUT as a matter of fact, when pulled out in a great way, an all black outfit can be very fashionable even if you are not Catwoman or Maleficent.

It will set the focus on your beauty and give you a rock attitude.

How to make it work? The keyword is to create CONTRAST between your black items.

Yes, indeed. A black item can be very different from the next one.

1. Play with light

– Leather

frayed black jeans shiny brogues Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot lookbook featuring shiny leather

all black kelaskloset

Kela’s Kloset in shiny leather

Black jeans black leather jacket sezane

Sézane: proof that regular leather also catches light.

– Sequined black

gaby fresh black sequins

Gaby Fresh

2. Play with textures

Some textures such create different volumes for interesting outfit contrasts.

Some other add a black on black pattern.

Some catch light in a different way


– Angora wool

black angora

– Feathers

black feather fash for fashion

Fash for fashion

– Textured leather

gucci 2014 crocodile clutch

Gucci Fall 2014 featuring a crocodile clutch

3. Play with transparency

– A detail is enough

Elsa Ekman se all black look transparency

Elsa Ekman shows some transparent sleeve.

– Plumetis or lace

plumetis dress sezane


4. Play with cuts

As it contrasts with pale skin, black is a very graphic color (if you have dark skin, white will have that effect on you).

Therefore a daring cut can be a true fashion statement when it comes to black.

harper and harley black edgy cut outfit

Harper and Harley

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto became famous in the eighties for designing black clothes with daring but modest cuts that were completely different of the colors and bling that were the big fashion statement at the time.

Yohji Yamamoto spring 2013

Yohji Yamamoto spring 2013

5. Play with layers

Each layer shall have a different fabric so that you can indeed notice there are layers ^^

all black look

Here washed out jeans + thin T-shirt + light sweater + transparent oversize something behind + wool tailored coat + leather satchel

6. Play with accessories

The other day, I was shopping with clients as I noticed that one of the salesperson -who were all wearing black outfits as required by their employer – stand out from the other thanks to her heavy golden necklace. She really had lots of allure!

nadia aboulhosn black and gold

The stunning Nadia Aboulhosn making a great statement with her golden belt and clutch.

Black is the perfect background to make your daring jewels be noticed.

miss folk co za gamma folk 3

Miss Moss wearing Gamma Folk necklace

And you? Are you sometime part of the “Women in black”?

Bises de Paris

Cover collage: Choies, Harper and Harley

7 Responses to “How to wear all black”
  1. Chocolat74 says:

    Bonjour Aloïs! J’adore cet article qui est super utile pour moi, étant donné que je suis en noir, allez, 360 jours par an ^^ Je trouve que le noir est une couleur vraiment chic et que lorsqu’on adopte un total look noir, on sort du lot direct, même si la teue et simple! Souvent,(et à tort) le total look noir est catalogué comme passe partout, gothique, femme en deuil etc… On me dit souvent que je ressemble à un fantôme ou à une jeune fille en deuil permanent, même lorsque je porte un ensemble un peu osé (moulant, décolleté etc..) et je trouve ça dommage. Merci à toi de mettre en avant ce noir, couleur bien trop souvent rechignée!

  2. Emma says:

    I love wearing all black, it’s so refreshingly simple, and these tips are great! But I want to ask: do you think there’s a definite ‘don’t’ to wearing all black? Love your blog <3

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Of course not! These pic speak for themselves, you can look great wearing all black when you do it the right way ^^

      • Emma says:

        Fantastic! Thank you for replying 🙂
        I’ve been reading this blog for some time now and it has helped me so much. Every article is brilliantly written and has made me more comfortable style wise. Thank you!

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