How to dress on a rainy spring day

Aloïs, Paris underwater correspondent, may 10th 2019. After 10 days disappearance, sun shined timidly this morning only to soon be replaced by dark clouds. Loosing hope. Haven’t dried in days. Just heard a drop. Trying to fight back in style. Hair won’t cooperate. Here are my tips on how to fight rain depression. Hope it […]

Enhance your style with earrings

After spending the beginning of the decade adorned with huge necklaces, earrings are now the lead of the game. There are lots of benefits to wearing “high up on the face” jewels. Even the days you have to hide under layers of coats, scarves and beanies, they’ll nicely peak out. And no need to match […]

Moving clothes

” The street about me roared with a deafening sound. Tall, slender, in heavy mourning, majestic grief, A woman passed, with a glittering hand Raising, swinging the hem and flounces of her skirt;” How could I better describe the fascination that clothing in movement create than by copying those verses of Baudelaire? I could hear the […]

What to begin with when you create an outfit?

As I was proceeding to her closet editing, a client asked me what I begun with when I composed an outfit. Something I had never wondered about. Yet, thinking about it I realized there where two ways I would compose an outfit. During a closet editing I browse the whole closet of my client before selecting […]

Is the Konmari method the best way to declutter your closet?

Because new years means resolutions, Netflix has decided to welcome you with “Tidying with Mari Kondo” in lieu of a time consuming TV show. Well, it DID consume time to watch but wasn’t useless as it inspired me this first article of 2019. So bonne année ladies! I noticed than her job and mine are […]

How to pimp your neck with pussy bows?

Victorian collars, chockers, and now the pussy bow ties are making a come back on the catwalks! Talk about fashion always recycling old gimmicks! But as, the french say, old pots cook the best jams. Get them before Zara starts making their owns and everyone is wearing one again. (I was very surprised not to see […]

How to wear white pants in fall and winter

Bonjour, bonjour, A bit shy to write those words considering how long I was gone. To be honest, it is difficult to explain why I have been away from the blog for such a while. As you may know (I really HOPE you do know ^^) I have published a book (that you can buy […]

AW 2018-19 fashion week inspirations

I must admit this  2018- 19 fall winter collection was not the most exciting I have seen. No show really made me super enthousiastic, Nonetheless, there were many things that catched my eyes, Like last year, the ones that I am going to share with you are styling tricks you can replicate, Either a layering, […]

How to wear white shoes?

Whereas a bit more than a year and an half ago white was to be seen on feet exclusively for sneakers, now a snowstorm of white shoes has entered our wardrobes, Not so much in France though. But apparently in NYC they are such a rage that a client recently told me she could not […]

How to use color value to create balanced outfits?

Last week I met two clients who tended to compose dull oufits even though they were sometimes using bright colors. Had they been cursed by some sort of fashion hater sorcerer? One showed me how she paired her bright red shirt with her dark grey jeans because she felt it wasn’t working and had no […]

How to wear the rainbow trend?

Three years ago, unicorn powder spread all over the internet, trend crossing will ol’ good nyan cat, letting rays of multicolored stripes and dots on our clothes outside of the screen. The first designer to have sniffed some (unicorn powder) was of course Alessandro Michele at Gucci, ringing the end of the Celine “minimalism only” […]

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