AW 2018-19 fashion week inspirations

I must admit this  2018- 19 fall winter collection was not the most exciting I have seen. No show really made me super enthousiastic,

Nonetheless, there were many things that catched my eyes,

Like last year, the ones that I am going to share with you are styling tricks you can replicate,

Either a layering, a match of colors, of fabrics or a new way to tie a belt…

1/ Pair frills and masculine attire

A balanced mix of styles I am always keen of.

Altuzarra. masculine suit and flat boots with frilly top.

John Galliano. Banker’s coat, shoes and socks with grandma’s heritage of pearls and skirt.

Poiret. Boyfriend’s oversize knit and sultry silky pricess skirt.

2/ Add a pop of color on neutral outfits

Hermès: pop of orange on major black and minor white.

Salvatore Ferragamo: pop of ultraviolet on beige and camel. 

Hermès. Pop of orange on off-white, cognac and color I cannot identify properly.

3/ Belt it

Jacquemus. Belt your classic jacket with a wide fabric belt. And why not use it as a pop of color? 

Delpozo. Choose a statement belt with volume to close your coat

Poiret. Love the detail of a needle to close a belt, just as a brooch.

Givenchy. Get a wide ribbon (here, leather), knot your coat, and simply let hang. Voilà. 

Vanessa Seward. With embroidered ribbon carrot pants and a bouffant shirt, you can remember when the russians invaded Paris. 

Balenciaga. Upgrade the pleated skirt everyone owns with a badass black belt. 

4/ Make yellow your statement

Jacquemus. Since there is mustard, yellow, I’ll name this one, mayonnaise yellow. Perfect with neutrals such as off-white, brown and caramel.

Tods. Mustard yellow with off-white again and some beige. And a matching piece of cuddly fluff. 

Black, white and mustard yellow, what’s not to love.

Akris. Love the pop of mustard yellow as a scarf. (Not sure about the matchy matchy shoes)

5/ Dare colored tights (with matching shoes!)

As I said in one of my how to wear tights (old) post are cheap and can be the statement of an outfit. Get them with colors and prints!

Elisabetta Franchi. Here the tights are included in a camaieu of matching accessories and paired with shoes in a neighbor color that elongate the legs.

Haider Ackermann. As you know if you know me, I am very much into colors, textures and colored tights, therefore this show was my favorite of the season loved the mattress like linen coats, the daring mixes of shades and the vintage matching silky looking laced boots. 

Haider Ackermann. Squirrel brown and cyan blue <3

Elisabetta Franchi. In order not to break the little bit of leg that you are showing when wearing a long coat, why not match your tights with your shoes ?

6/ Keep wearing pink like a grown up

Refer to my how to wear pink article for more insights.

Delpozo. Taffy pink shirt, magenta bag, and shiny ballet slippers pink socks with beige pants.

Valentino. Blush pink with magenta. 

Poiret. Satin shocking pink, leather black boots and no makeup/no hairstyle attitude.

7/ Be all about white and black. Together or apart. 

Lemaire. And proceed to layering slightly different shades of white. 

Vanessa Seward. Dress all in black. Then add a black and white scarf as a pussy bow for accessorizing. 

Saint Laurent. White coat, black pants, black and white tweed. Simple and efficient.

8/ Shine mellow like the autumn sun in the sky

Have you seen the Chanel show in the forest? That’s the spirit.

Jacquemus. Add a piece of statement gold jewelry in a mix of earthy colors. 

Haider Ackermann. Satin olive coat and ivory pants.

9/ Do multicolored details

Osman. Like small dots all over your coat. And adorable candy wrap like sandals to complete. 

Jacquemus. Multicored earrings with a nude outfit.

10/ And other ideas

Olivier Theyskens. Mix black and army green. 

Vanessa Seward. Wear a light denim shirt under a dressy suit

Jason Wu. Add some black transparence as a base layer to outfits.

Vanessa Seward. Knot a ribbon under your collar. 

And you? What were your 2018-19 fashion week’s favs? Did you spot any other style ideas? Which of the ones I listed do you like most? 

Cover collage: Jason Wu, Haider Ackermann.

7 Responses to “AW 2018-19 fashion week inspirations”
  1. Wow, I had just gotten a response from you to the e-mail I had written to you where I had shared with you that my skin has become scarred and I really do NEED tights! I cannot tell you how incredibly helpful this newsletter about the 2018 fall/winter styles was to me!! All the tights!!! Now I have the greatest guidelines on how to use what I have and update it !!! Oh, do I love those belts !!! I am just so appreciative to know what colors go with what and how to wear the same color tights as shoes with a long coat….All the ways here to add a splash of color and it looks so fun!!! I would like to find a long coat or two and fun tights or socks, maybe shoes,,,,I have a lot of hip and comfortable shoes and boots luckily already. Definitely some belts ( love that darn pin myself in the leather belt!) . A magenta purse will be so fun with my blush pink dress!!! Mom will be so happy if I am well dressed, bless her heart at almost 95! I fell for the black dress with an army green coat! I have that dress ( very close look ) and the very similar black boots and socks. I also already have a lovely blush pink dress and matching boots but now I see how a magenta purse will update this outfit. I adore the squirell brown with cyan blue…..The advice to match the tights to the shoes, with a long coat sounds so simple, yet i would NEVER have known. Your advice is wonderful. Now i can use pieces I own, and update it PROPERLY. Really, for me, these colors and outfits are a great match with my coloring ….I kinda look like the girl in the blush pink outfit. I am going to have to figure out now where to shop… I can get this look shown here and not spend too much money. Thank you so much. I would be interested in knowing how to wear short shorts and skirts and somehow cover the scars and still not be too hot. I will try and look at prior blogs or newsletters. Oh! Maybe a really light weight long piece like a coat over the summery shorts and skirts? Thank you again. The outfits are lovely and your advice seems simple enough even for me! i know you have years of training and hard work to write your newsletter keeping it simple for those of us who need a best friend in the dressing room! Thank you Alois. I am so lucky I stumbled onto your site. ‍

  2. Britt says:

    Lovely post! I’d love your advice on something if you’re available – I recently purchased a pair of vintage cotton gingham trousers. Now that they’ve been tailored I have no idea how to style them without looking like a grandmother! I’m 31, petite and slim with a feminine style. Thank you 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    I love that Valentino’s blush pink dress with magenta, superb!, also as Gretchen said the neutrals with those accents are great!. Thank you Alois, your blog is just amazing!

  4. MABdePARIS says:

    Des propositions qui incitent à fouiller dans son dressing …
    Grâce à vous, j’ai appris à regarder différemment les combinaisons de couleurs, et maintenant je m’exerce sur les textures… Ce dernier article est très inspirant.

  5. Gretchen says:

    I love your edits of the most recent shows. It’s rarely weather-appropriate to wear hose/tights in Los Angeles, but the mustard, pink, and other boldly colored accents with a wide swath of neutrals are fantastic! I just went and pulled one “new” outfit together out of old pieces, based on what I see here. Thank you.

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