How to wear white shoes?

Whereas a bit more than a year and an half ago white was to be seen on feet exclusively for sneakers, now a snowstorm of white shoes has entered our wardrobes,

Not so much in France though.

But apparently in NYC they are such a rage that a client recently told me she could not stand seing them anymore.

Yet  if you have bought some or consider buying some here are a few ideas on how to wear them.

On my end, I love them and I think they are an atemporal piece that will stand the test of time. Wait until others get bored of their white shoes and keep wearing yours. You’ll stand out.

For this article, the wonderful Christene Barberich, which instagram I recommend you to follow will be our main inspiration provider for the outfits.

I/ Colors to wear with white shoes

Here I am going to focus on the color of the bottoms: mostly pants, midi skirts or longer and tights because otherwise the color of your own skin is the match ^^

The color of the top does not really matter, most times

A/ Easy matches

Those shades will always work with white shoes

1/ Blue… jeans

Blue jeans of any shade work as they contain some remaining of this white cotton which they are made off.

Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t but it always makes a nice transition with the shoes.



2/ White and any medium to pale colors

Such as pastels, washed off colors, greyish colors, mute colors, etc.



3/ Shades of grey

Grey contains white and is therefore an excellent transition.


4/ Any print with something white

Tartan, flower print, etc… as long as their contain the “transition white”




B/ Tricky matches

There is always a way to get away with something that sounds like a fashion faux pas.

If you feel you are no fashion expert, I recommend you to avoid those tricky mixes.

Yet if you really feel you want to do them, here is how you can get out with.

1/ Black

First thing that comes to my mind is someone wearing black tights with white shoes. Which I do not recommend as the contrast feels odd…

Then I think about the all over black outfit with white shoes… which I also do not recommend. Except if your shoe is so amazing you want all lights on it. But with a Stan Smith? Not so interesting.

For a more subtle result, I suggest to balance with a medium tone on top or/ and to reveal some skin between pants and shoes.

Death by elocution wearing white sneakers with an all black outfit AND some skin in between shoes and the rest of the clothes.

Death by elocution softening the contrast with a bit of skin and a camel coat

The washed off black jeans are also an excellent option as they look more grey than white and contain white fibers.

2/ Super bright colors

Such as bright red, electric blue, fuchsia pink, etc.

The contrast with the shoes can lack refinement and even appear tacky. If you want to get away with, try inserting some skin in between the shoes and bottom or balancing with a third color with a darker or darker shade.

You could do white boots, electric blue pants, black jumper for instance.

Bravo à la belle ElianneA bit of skin, a bit of black white and grey, lots of elegance and there you are.

II/ White shoes to choose

A/ The sneakers! 

Of course. The most basic of your wardrobe basics.

Wear with low socks or fancy socks, all sorts of pants or midi to mini skirts and dresses.

But, to me, NOT with dark tights. Especially not black ones.

Perfect basic white sneaker by Esprit

B/ The low boots

My crush. With a mini skirt, cropped jeans or pants they’ll look sooo sixties.

I can picture them with dark or colored tights.












Laurence Dacade white boots <3

White santiags

Why not wear those with skinny washed off black jeans and an oversize jumper?

C/ The heels

If you go for a too classic pump, it may appear a bit old stylish and reminiscent of a bridal attire.

Two options: either you style it with cool clothes.

Vintage style low pumps by Esprit, rock them with jeans! 

Or you choose an unusual version of it. Why not a low pump with an unusual V shape? Or a strappy heel? A minimalist sandal?

Big unusual block heel

D/ The masculine shoes

How could the iconic repetto Zizi worn by french singer Serge Gainsbourg not come to mind?

Wear those low soft derbies with no socks (or as if none) and all sorts of items in your wardrobe.

As for other white masculine shoes, just do the same as with the sneakers.

Pretty look “à la Gainsbourg” by Ithaa

Gainsbourg himself wearing allover denim, frayed hems and zizis

And you? Do you like them? Do you wear them? How? 

Cover collage: Punky B  and Made in Faro

13 Responses to “How to wear white shoes?”
  1. Martin Hen says:

    I’ve also started loving white shoes and I buy white wing shoes. It’s a great experience and look good

  2. Titi says:

    Je porte des tennis blanches avec un peu de noir avec des petites chaussettes blanches et une robe longueur genoux sans manches noire : après avoir lu votre bel article je ne suis plus sûre que ce soit de bon goût (avec du noir!)
    Belle continuation

  3. Juliet F says:

    Voici un nouveau fan de votre blog. J’aime! J’ai regardé quelques articles et je voulais vous demander ce que vous pensez de cette marque ou si vous avez acheté des vêtements sur Mille merci!!

  4. vivien_noir says:

    As good as your examples are – I still can’t get the hang of White shoes! I only imagine them really, really good on women with Grey hair AND great style sense. Other than top-to-bottom-bookending isn’t my Cup of style tea 🙂

  5. Lise says:

    Hello, I found your blog yesterday, and spent the entire day back reading nearly all of your posts. We are snowed in here on the Black Sea. I love your practical, real-life styling tips. So refreshing instead of looking at a lot of other blogs that just seem to be advertisements for stuff. I have become a keen thrift shopper of late, so really more interested in styling than fast fashion. I will definitely be a regular visitor from now on. Thank you for your great insight. Lise

  6. Julie says:

    Merci Aloïs pour ce post !
    Il aurait fallu parler de la taille du pied, quand même ! Enfin de la proportion pied/silhouette…
    Parce que moi qui adore les chaussures blanches sur les autres et qui chausse du 39 (voire 40 sur certains modèles) pour 1m 63, au secours !
    J’ai tout essayé : les Converse (revendues), les basket (reconverties en chaussures de sport en salle), les escarpins shiny (prêtes à partir pour le dépôt-vente), rien ne va. Alors évidemment, il faudrait des bottines à talon, mais là c’est mon dos qui dit non !

  7. Gretchen says:

    I’ve also started loving the white shoes and need to get a little bolder about my styling them. I bought flat bone boots that serve much the same purpose, but still want some retro shiny white ankle boots!

  8. Lisa says:

    I am also going to recommend white driving loafers by JP Todd.

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