Trousers to wear in summer

When thinking of summer one spontaneously thinks dresses, skirts and shorts.

What about wearing summer trousers?

They are so chic and can feel as light as the if you choose them right.

Plus they avoid any stickiness in the innertights and that’s another (less glam) benefit.

I/ What fabric for summer pants?

Cottons, linen and silk are beautiful light and breezy materials.

Very light denims are an option!

The Frankie shop has lots of cotton trousers

Adenorah wearing linen

Leandra Medine wearing silk

Sophie Fontanel wearing light jeans

II/ The shape 

The looser the breezier…BUT you can cinch the waist even with oversize pants!

The cinching may be incorporated in the design, or just add a belt.

If the pants are loose, you may contrast by wearing a tight top tucked in.

But a belted loose top works just as well.

The trousers may be cropped or full length… for now just under the knee is not back in style yet (you know what I mean? Like the hiking cargo pants lengths?)

Rolled up carrot pants with a shape (no belt) on Franny

Oversized rolled up cotton pants belted paper bag style with skin tight top

Already cropped with a belt on Adenorah

III/ Colors and prints

Light colors are obvious favorite as they keep you fresh.

Neutrals like whites, off whites, beige and camels are ideal in summer time.

But why not also have fun with prints and shades?

Whites are super versatile. Here on Juliette Kitsch.

But warmer shades will get less dirty

Loving fresh prints!

Alyssa in the city whose floral pants that feel like a Van Gogh painting I want to steal

A gorgeous red can elevate an outfit

Or a vitamin loaded orange like on Jenny Walton

Or a fancy floral print like on Juliette Kitsch

IV/ What to wear with? 

We already covered the belt topic in the shape paragraph.

Regarding accessories such as sunglasses, jewels and bags: be creative and have fun!

I will speak only about tops and shoes.

A/ What top with “large” summer pants?

For tops you can choose to contrast the width of the pants with a tight top, to go loose and then cinch at the waist… or go all wide (be careful to still create some definition in the style with this last one by keeping some structure in the shapes).

A tucked in skin tight top is an easy choice

A skin tight top… that is also cropped on Giovanna Battaglia

A loose shirt… and the belt that creates the cinching

Same technique with loose tee 

Tying your shirt will both crop and cinch it

All wide and chic on Linda

B/ What shoes to wear with? 

Well you can refer to my article about summer shoes

Yet since I am kind, I add more inspos there.

Small heels are always cute

So are flat sandals (here on Linda)

Voilà! And you? Do you wear trousers in summer?

Bises de Paris,


11 Responses to “Trousers to wear in summer”
  1. Mademoiselle says:

    Bonjour suis raccord – je vis quasiment en pantalon Fluide l’été Pour l’été cf cuisses – mais comme j’ai un bedon qui m’embête bien, C’est rude, du coup je mets des tee shirt un peu large ou des blouses guides – du coup je ne peux pas ceinturer joli comme vous- et j’ai trouvé un truc : une ceinture tissu longue que je vais un peu dépasser ça permet de faire une point de couleur qui complète –

  2. Je ne porte que des pantalons l’été, en lin.
    Je me sens plus libre, je crois, et 2 jupettes valent mieux qu’une !
    Un haut ajusté c’est super joli mais quand on a du bidounet : pas possible et la ceinture ne marche pas non plus… Tout ce que j’ai trouvé c’est le fluide droit mais le rendu est assez classique.
    C’est dur la vie !
    Merci en tout cas pour les inspirations ☺️

  3. Lenny says:

    Nice light summer outfits.
    Well suited for travel.

  4. Juhi says:

    Summer trousers are a great option if you can find them in natural fabrics. I like this reminder when you can only see shorts everywhere. Would love some recommendations on good sources that ship to the US!

    Particularly useful in more modest cultures like India where the weather is hot year round but you can’t wear cutoff shorts on the streets. In India you can get traditional pants in crisp, thin cottons – baggy salwars, patiala pants, and other loose flowy palazzo pant options. These are thin and even semi sheer as they are worn with tunics (check out the fabindia website if you find these styles inspiring 🙂 )

  5. MABdePARIS says:

    j’adore toutes les suggestions: c’est joyeux, tonique. Il suffit de piocher pour trouver son bonheur!

    A propos de:
    “Côté longueur, long ou au dessus de la cheville. Tant que vous n’avez pas de ficelles pour ajuster”
    je me souviens d’un pantalon en soie orange brûlée avec des rubans intégrés le long de la jambes et autour de la cheville. Il suffisait de coulisser un peu sur le jambe pour avoir un pantalon long ou plus court, large ou blousant style sarouel pour la cheville.
    D’ailleurs j’aime beaucoup ce que j’appelle ces vêtements “à transformation”, dont le plus répandu est la veste réversible mais là aussi il faut que tissus et coupe soit de qualité. Deux looks en un, c’est tellement super en voyage pro!

  6. Alexa says:

    Merci pour cet article! ET que penses-tu des combinaisons? Faut-il nécessairement être toute mince pour que ce soit joli?

  7. Marji says:

    Haha, j’adore “les petites jupes individuelles”, c’est exactement ça.

    J’aime bien toutes les tenues en exemple, ça fait chic!

    Sauf peut-être les deux pantalons oversize trop audacieux pour moi.

    Oui je vais porter des pantalons c’est sûr!

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