The lipstick color match

An easy style recipe: match your lipstick to something in your outfit.

I/ Examples

Lips and hat (and nails here)

Sea of shoes

Lips and (one petal of the) earrings

Nawal Bonnefoy 

Lips and shoes

Mathilde Clauzet

Lips and bag

Lips and belt


Lips and gloves

La minute fashion

Lips and (the upper) stripe

Juliette Kitsch

Lips and the pink flowers of the print (and the bag)

La minute fashion

Lips and, well, the main cloth

Juliette Kitsch

II/ Does the lipstick has to be a perfect match? 

I already can hear you protesting you would need to rob the lipstick store (yes such a store exists in my fantasies).

Relax: when there are only two red elements in an outfit, the eye will consider they are matching. Even if the color differs slightly.

Sea of shoes

Even if your lipstick and the chosen color are close to each other you can afford some imperfection.

Just respect the spirit of the red. Determine whether its a bright red, a pink, a coral, an orange, a burgundy… and pick accordingly. But having the exact same coral shade you do not need.

Chloé Sévigny sporting a pitch-perfect matching lipstick

Less perfect but also lovely orangy lips matching with the orange scarf at Dolce and Gabbana.

And you? Do you use your match clothes and accessories with your lips?

17 Responses to “The lipstick color match”
  1. Katie says:

    Hi Alois, I have been reading your blog for years and I am so glad you are back. I kept checking weekly for new posts

  2. Marfa says:

    I love that idea. Thank you!

  3. vivien_noir says:

    The woman with the white Shirt and “AAH!”-Bag with matching lipstick is Maria Astor, also known as Masha, owner of the famous german style blog “Mashasedgwick”. I love her style!

  4. Juhi says:

    I love lipstick, but I tend to match it to my skin tone as my complexion makes it trickier to achieve this type of match and still flatter me. Loved it on all your examples, though

  5. CrisOP says:

    Moins facile avec un masque…

  6. I never wear lipstick, unless it’s for a photo shoot. I hate it! What can I do instead?

  7. Melanie says:

    I always wear color that flatters my lips do match the main color in my ensemble..

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