Summer staples you can wear in autum

I/ Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits

Unless the look of the dress really is too summery (like a super thin cotton or linen), there are many flowy summer dresses you can transition in autumn and then winter. Silk, viscose and thick cotton work best.

You guessed it, the trick is to add layers.

It could be an overlayer such as a blazer, a coat, or a sweater.

Or a base layer such as a stretchy top or tights.

And of course, change the shoes accordingly. Sturdy flats, combat boots, low boots, tall boots and even knee-high boots are an option.

A turtleneck as a base, tall boots, a leather biker jacket and voilà, your flowy floral dress is ready for fall

Jeanne Damas

Jeanette Madsen par style du monde

Throw a cashmere sweater on your floral dress and it becomes a skirt (or on a floral skirt…)

A blazer and laced boots on a sunny fall day

Bonus: the tricks work with the jumpsuits as well 

2/ Opened shoes

Oui, you read me correctly. Last year at APC all the sales team (well females only TBH) wore clogs with toasty socks in them. Paired with the classic timeless look of the brand it looked amazing.

Not to reproduce on a rainy day though (duh).

You can do this trick with socks or tights.

Love the red on red with red bag! What a statement

Cover collage: Me in 2015 (!!!) and Alexandra Golovanoff

11 Responses to “Summer staples you can wear in autum”
  1. Sally says:

    Merci Aloïs! Going to try a brown satin dress with a sweater tomorrow! Working from home – good time to experiment xx

  2. Maria says:

    J’adore les collants et les chaussures rouge vifs! Belle façon d’allonger les jambes tout en couleurs 🙂

  3. Juhi says:

    Love the long flowy dress combinations with cropped sweaters or jackets. I miss street style so much with this lockdown life. How I long to throw on some layers, breathe the crisp fall air without a mask and nonchalantly walk into a subway station with no thought or fear. Was it only 6 months ago that I used to do that?

  4. Marji says:

    Merci pour ces propositions! J’adore trouver de nouveaux articles sur votre blog.
    En ce moment je recycle mes blouses d’été suffisamment décolletées pour mettre sous les pulls.

  5. MABdePARIS says:

    J’aime bien ces périodes intermédiaires qui nous permettent de puiser dans votre vestiaire estival et hivernal, en essayant d’avoir un peu d’imagination!!
    Je prends les accents de couleur (ah, la jupe de la première photo alliée au rouge de la Honda).
    Les accessoires en exhausteur de tenue (sacs, chaussures, collants). Du coup, en piqure de rappel, j’ai relu vos anciens articles sur les collants!

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