How to wear my “bimbo” items?

Reader’s question: “As a birthday joke, my friends gave me “bimbo” stuffs for presents (my last name sounds like “bimbo”): a small leopard printed bag, a multicolored sequin skirt and big loop earrings. I’d like to show them I can wear those in a classy way. Do you have any outfits suggestions?”

Silly friends you have!

To be honest, as you know if you read me, I have nothing against leopard prints, loop earrings or sequins skirt. Quite the reverse actually.

But I guess your mates did not invest in making jokes and gave you faux-leather, clumsy loop earrings and a saturday night fever looking skirt. Which, of course are not things I would recommend.

Anyway, we have to deal with it and there is always a way to confuse the issue. It is like when you are cooking. If only one ingredient is tasteless, the salad will still be ok. Bit if all are, then the salad will be tasteless itself. Same for dressing (dressing you not the salad, stay focus please ^^). If only one item is cheap, that is ok, if they all are, you’ll look cheap.

Here are some outfits options for your “bimbo” items.

1. Outfit suggestion for a faux-leather leopard bag

Leopard clutch outfit

Rule number 1: do not wear faux leather. Cheap faux-leather at least. Stella Mc Cartney’s vegan faux is obviously exception to that rule. If rule number one has be broken cause silly friends of yours. If the bag has to started PEELING yet (cause that’s the tragic destiny of faux-leather), then, apply rule number 2: don’t wear faux leather with real leather, that will only make the first look cheaper.

That is why I have chosen cotton sneakers in this outfits. Flower prints and green match leopard in a fun way and the jean is a nice casual complement.

2. Outfit suggestion for clumsy loop earrings

Loop earrings outfit

I do like loop earrings. The only thing to avoid is to wear them with the whole “bimbo” gear: nude gloss, polyester white lace, leopard print, fake looking haircolor, etc.

Here I got inspired by Céline who uses statement earrings as the only fancy item in an ascetic look. (Well I also did add yellow pumps cause I felt like doing that but you could as well use low white sneakers, loafers or ballerinas). That statement jewel trick works with any basic/classic outfit.

3. Outfit suggestion for a sequin skirt.

Glitter skirt outfit


Cheap voluminous sequins really emphasize hips so I advice you to wear a loose T-shirt worn outside to it blurs the hip area. Plus, that a rock low boots will soften the kitchness of the look.

Alternatives: Docs and creepers would work too.

Hope your friends will enjoy 🙂

4 Responses to “How to wear my “bimbo” items?”
  1. anna says:

    Tout d’abord merci pour tous ces conseils, ça commence à faire plusieurs mois que je vous suis et il ne s’écoule pas 3 jours sans que je consulte votre blog ou que je vous suive sur pinterest. Alors c’est tout naturellement que je me tourne vers vous, j’ai un haut en dentelle noire avec un dos et des manches entièrement en dentelle, de chez h&m (donc pas de très grande qualité) c’est mon bal de fin de lycée dans quelques semaine et j’aimerais pouvoir le porter mais sans que ça fasse vulgaire, que ça soit un peu chic, cool et confortable. Je n’aime pas trop les pantalons, et j’ai un style plus casual et féminin. Que porter avec ce haut pour cette soirée ? J’ai 17 ans et je ne veux pas non plus me sentir “déguisée” 😉 merci d’avance si vous me répondez 🙂

  2. gabriela says:

    Alois, you are one very clever lady. I do look forward to each new “lookmaker”.

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