How to dress for Paris as 65 yo?

Dear Aloïs I am visiting Paris this september. Could you give me ideas of what to wear? I am over 65 and short. Wear American size 10, 12. 5’2″. H. Can u advise me what to bring? Your website is stunning but maybe too young for me. Dear Jo, As I discussed in the ” […]

How to wear my crisp white mesh sneakers?

Dear Aloïs How can I wear the white sporty minimal shoes I just purchased? Usually I wear dark shades, my almost only colours are black, grey and red, and rarely a small dash of white. My style can shift quite dramatically day by day, but usually I go for a more refined casual, goth-inspired fashionable […]

How to look wear colors without going overboard?

Dear Aloïs, This past year I was a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class and I loved it so much that I have decided that, in the future, I would like to teach kids in elementary school. So, something that’s been on my mind is figuring out how to wear bright colored clothing (to keep […]

How to wear my yellow dress at a wedding with theme “colorful”?

Hi Aloïs, I like to read your fashion tips. I would have like to know if you could help me complete an outfit for a wedding. It takes place in Berlin in september. Theme is “joyful, festive and colorful”. I have started designing my dress myself. Yellow, low back, skater shape mid-tights. Could you tell […]

How can my teenage girls wear their cut off jean shorts in Paris?

“In July, I’m travelling to Paris with three teenage girls and I would like your advice. Is it ok for them to wear denim cut off shorts or rompers? They buy most of their clothes from Brandy Melville, H & M, and Urban Outfitters. The girls say some of these stores are in Paris and […]

How to wear my pink T-shirt in a casual yet chic fashion

“I am looking for a chic way to wear a pink t-shirt (obligatoire) for the fete de fin d’annee at my son’s maternelle. It’s at the school so casual, but it’s a fete so I want to look nice but it has been so hot here.” So, I understood you could choose the T-shirt you […]

How to wear my midi white pleated A line skirt without looking mumsy?

I just purchased this midi lenght pleated and perforated white skirt at Zara. I think it looks very girly. Can you give your advice to wear it at work without looking like my mom ^^? I am very small. I think “feminine” would describe this skirt better than “girly” because this lenght looks very grown […]

How to wear my orange and white striped dress at Roland Garros open?

I’ve been lucky to be invited to the VIP box of the French open and I’m thinking of wearing Alice and Olivia’s orange and white “Mary” dress.  What do you think?  How should I accessorize it? What shoes would work with the dress?  Lucky you! The question was too short notice for me. Even if […]

How to wear my lace top for my prom?

I have a black top with lace sleeves and back from H and M. It is my prom night in a few weeks and I would like to wear it in a way that is not tacky, somehow cool and comfortable. I do not like pants that much and my style is casual/feminine. I am […]

How to dress boho as a short and curvy girl?

I love the boho look but I am short and curvy and  let’s face it – that style works well mainly on tall and slim girls. How can I wear boho/hippie clothes and don’t look like a child or as if I was going to a costume party? You are right, hippie style is easier […]

Flare jeans spring outfitspirations

“After reading your post about flare pants, I purchased one. Could you give me some inspirations to style it for spring in a casual chic like for a lunch/ cafe in the city?” Avec plaisir! 1. Boho style   Platform look great with flares. It is how they wore it in the seventies. A fluid […]

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