How to wear my midi white pleated A line skirt without looking mumsy?

I just purchased this midi lenght pleated and perforated white skirt at Zara. I think it looks very girly.

Can you give your advice to wear it at work without looking like my mom ^^?

I am very small.

I think “feminine” would describe this skirt better than “girly” because this lenght looks very grown up.

Indeed when you are short, it is not easy to wear midi lenght.

Therefore my first recommendation would be to wear it with heels.

Then I recommend you to pair  it with items that are not too retro in order to make it look modern.

You can break the very feminine feel with minimal item but at the end, with such a skirt, you cannot avoid having a very feminine look.

1. Fresh and pure (sounds like an air sanitizer name erm)

White midi skirt outfit #3


White and blue always work well together.

In order not to look like a nun, choose simple yet modern items.

For instance those lamé strappy sandals with square heels are both atemporal and very fashionable.

On the hands, show that you are young with rock jewels and impeccable nailpolish in a fun shade.

Beware of necklaces and earrings that can easily give and older style to the outfit


Minimalist flashy blue sandals

Black mules for an edgy rock version of the look

Minimalist silver sandals with thin heel (more feminine)

Glitter sandals with thick low heel (fun and easy)

Minimalist pink lamé sandals

NB: ankle straps suit the ladies with thin ankle and calves


Double ring

2. Bourgeoise 2015

White midi skirt outfit #2

Let’s be honest, the midi lenght pleated skirt is very WASP.

So let’s stick to that inspiration and give it a modern twist.

A sleeveless white shirt that is not boring because sleeveless.

Classic pumps in a futuristic fabric  mix.

Pearls indeeds but worn as a earcuff.

And, to finish, unusual colors on nails and eyes will save this look from classic overdose.


Acide yellow pumps to liven the style!

NB: if you have thick ankle and plump calves, pumps are your friends


Strass earcuff


Sleeveless white shirt (to wear tucked in)

3. Pop and pretty

White midi skirt outfit

I prefer not to wear flash colours blocks next to white because I think it is too flashy.

However, as an accent it works perfectly.

Here a bit on acid yellow and pink on the feet would be great.

As a top I chose a dark grey sleveless T-shirt for its masculine style in order to break the girly look and make it more urban.

For jewels, still stick to a very modern look.


Comfy platform shoes (beware the wedge can be too heavy for very petite ladies)

Kitsch statement sandals

Funny pin-up peep-toe shoes

Minimal strappy sandals with flashy flower print (Might be complicated to wear it at the office though)

Funky jungle printed pumps


Grey sleeveless T-shirt

You can mix of match lots of things between this three outfits.

Your turn!

4 Responses to “How to wear my midi white pleated A line skirt without looking mumsy?”
  1. I am obsessed with pleated skirts, I think they can look really classy. I have quite a collection, usually knee-length or midis. Recently I thrifted this long yellow skirt, it has a summery feel but I used it in an autumn outfit anyway and think it looks nice, doesn´t it?

  2. Selena says:

    Hello, I have this Topshop denim babydoll dress I always want to wear but I don’t want to bare my shoulders. Any tips on how I can wear this cute dress? Thank you 🙂

  3. Amandine says:

    J’adore le premier et troisième choix 🙂 J’ose pas la jupe midi ça ne m’iras pas 🙂

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