How to wear my red large sweater?

The other day, I was working for client who purchased a red sweater. Loved it so much it inspired me to create a lookmaker 🙂 First question I always get asked when it comes to red: what colors to wear with? I answered this one in a previous post last year. Surprisingly you have plenty […]

How to wear my shoulder padded coral blazer?

(Instagram request) By the way, I do have a lookmaker for you. I am the happy owner of a coral blazer that I have trouble finding matches for. I am 17 and I would describe my style as very girly. Would you have ideas for me? 🙂🌸👌🏻 Of course! Regarding the colors, coral is adorable with […]

How to dress for a “pink and grey” wedding?

I discovered your blog (too) recently and I spend hour reading it searching for clever fashion tips. Right now I have a question on my mind. How to dress for a pink and grey themed wedding? Thanks a lot and congrats for your amazing job!!! Pink and grey… aaaah,   some couples just love to give […]

Comment s’habiller pour un vernissage?

I would like to know if you had advices on how to dress for the opening of an exhibition?  Hint: I am the artist! Thanks! That’s a very interesting question Eva. My first thought was to do an all black outfit as you are french and lives in Paris. Because black says host in many […]

How to dress for a job interview as a teacher?

Hi Aloïs, I remembered seeing this post a while back and have been looking through it for inspiration. I have a job interview coming up for a teaching job. I love all the outfits here, but could you advise me please on tweaking them for someone who is older (I’m 36), and also to make […]

How to wear my white flare jeans?

I recently purchased white flare jeans after reading your post about flares. I wear them with T-shirts and jumpers mostly but would like to know how you would style them for different occasions. I am 36 and work in marketing if that is relevant for you. My hair is blond and I have blue eyes, […]

How to wear jewels tones and bright colors at work?

Aloïs! I absolutely LOVE the looks you create.  Thank you for your many helpful guides, they have greatly aided me in refining my style. I was wondering if you had anything for a girl with tanned skin. I am of Indian descent and greys and pastels make me look very sallow, whereas bright colors and […]

Boho/ ethnic chic outfitspirations for a wedding

I just discovered your blog and I have a question for you… In July I go to my goddaughters wedding and I am looking to dress in a boho, ethnic chic manner,  I am 1.80 meter tall and weight 62kg (so tall and thin), am 50 yo and am from Belgium. Bonjour, So, you are […]

How to style a classic pearl necklace for a 18 yo?

A reader recently asked me this question in the comments. That’s inspiring! Lots of us inherited super classic jewelry from their grandmother and genuinely cherish this meaningful objects but have no idea how to style them. Sadly they remain in the box… But I am for freedom of pearls! Therefore I created 4 outfits that make […]

How to wear my wedges with tomboy outfits?

Hi! I just bought my first pair of wedge heels today and would love to wear them soon what clothing do you suggest for a tomboy because i am not a girly girl so idk what to wear with them! Please help 🙂 Hi, Cool! That’s bold of you to have purchased heels if you are […]

What to wear with my dark grey and purple graduation gown?

Dear Aloïs,   It will be my graduation in July, and I am stuck on outfit ideas! Would you be able to kindly do a post or a look-maker ahead graduation season on outfit ideas, to help myself and others who will be graduating.   For my own graduation, ideally I would want to wear […]

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