How to dress for a “pink and grey” wedding?

I discovered your blog (too) recently and I spend hour reading it searching for clever fashion tips. Right now I have a question on my mind. How to dress for a pink and grey themed wedding? Thanks a lot and congrats for your amazing job!!!

Pink and grey… aaaah,   some couples just love to give their guest complicated fashion challenges.

Those two colors can quickly turn Chanel-dressed-grandma-ish so beware.

Four tips when you have a color themed wedding:

  • think SHADES of the given colors. If you are to wear pink in your outfit, choose to match different shades of it rather than twice the same shade: much more modern.
  • think ACCESSORIZING: one of the two colors can be used only as an accessory
  • think “NEUTRAL COLOR” regarding to your own color palette. Here white can be used easily but black shall be with caution. Your aim is not to trouble the color harmony.
  • think shine: silver is basically grey isn’t?

And here are the outfits some could wear for this wedding

  1. Boho from the future
A very grown up woman outfit: minimalist with a bit of barocco ethnic jewelry.

2. Barbie chic from London

Four pieces, four colors, four fabrics. With all that sexyness and pink it is almost tacky so play the sophisticated attitude and minimal makeup card.

3. Glam woman

Very ladylike again. Grey have lots of shades (who doesn’t know it nowadays// poke Christian) and so a print can work just fine. Completed with pale pink and glitters that are more elegant than princess like. On the shoes you can go for a tiny bit of black…

4. Lolita

Pink and grey are definitely not what I am used to deal with ^^ Here is a super innocent outfit if you are young and naive.
Have fun at the wedding!
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