What to wear with my dark grey and purple graduation gown?

Dear Aloïs,
It will be my graduation in July, and I am stuck on outfit ideas! Would you be able to kindly do a post or a look-maker ahead graduation season on outfit ideas, to help myself and others who will be graduating.
For my own graduation, ideally I would want to wear a dress.
In terms of the style, I’m 21 and I like a feminine/classic style.
 My graduation gown is dark grey with purple edging.
I have dark skin.
On another note, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog!
Dear Miranda,
Graduations sound like fun.
We do not have them in France.
Too bad… I always like to have a good reason to get dressed up 🙂
I enjoyed creating three feminine classic/not so classic (you know me) outfits for your graduation.
Hope you enjoy them too!
1. Minimal flounces and quirky glitter pumps

This dress is very feminine with its flounces yet very modern with its strict tailored cut.

It is also not to daring as it has no decolletage. Which can be good if your school is conservative.

I like a short dress for prom. To me the long ones look to dramatic and grown-up on 21 years olds.

Its lilac color is a shade softer than the purple of the gown so they’ll nicely match. I picked a darker version of this hue for the nails.

For accessories I chose sparkly feminine pumps that have a quirky Dorothy of Oz feel. Perfect to lead you to the enchanted professional world (oh, wait ^^).

And gold looks stunning on dark skin!

I also picked a bright yellow bag, the complementary color of purple. It will bring a pop of sun in the outfit, looks amazing with grey and has a gold chain that matches the shoes.

For jewels, I went for conventional pearls worn in an asymmetric unconventional manner.

I chose not to add a necklace which would look too ladylike on this round neckline and would take away some of the minimal modern feel of the dress.

2. Retro prom queen

This dress is very feminine in a classic manner.
It’ll suit you if you have a defined waist.

I picked green as one of purple’s complementary colors. For your dark skin a more emerald shade would be even nicer.

For accessories I picked different shades of purple along with a bag in soft pink, purple’s neighbor color and also complementary to green.

All those will nicely match the neutral dark grey gown.

The shoes have a retro feel and so does the tassel of the clutch.

But with those modern fabric and color mix, you’ll look fashionable and modern. Think Alessandro Michele for Gucci’s color mixes ^^

For jewels, I picked a pretty gold bracelet which matches the bag’s tassel.

You could add earrings but I recommend to avoid wearing a necklace with this kind of high and “square” neckline.

3. Edgy shocking pink

This outfit is also super feminine and more rock than the other.
I got inspired by Schiaparelli’s “shocking pink” which she used to pair with black.

Pink is a neighbor color of purple and looks great with dark grey.

The dress is quite revealing, therefore I picked shoes that have a lower heel and cover the feet. You could even wear the ballet flats version. Or black loafers!

The laced back of the dress echoes the laced shoes.

I chose a sparkling pink clutch which stands out upon the dress thanks to its fabric.

For the fingers, I went for edgy black (wear on short perfectly manicured nails).

Burgundy lips and a red jewel detail harmoniously complete the color mix.

Thin jewels remind the delicacy of both the dress and the shoes.


Voilà! Ready to impress your classmates?

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