How to wear my shoulder padded coral blazer?

(Instagram request) By the way, I do have a lookmaker for you. I am the happy owner of a coral blazer that I have trouble finding matches for. I am 17 and I would describe my style as very girly. Would you have ideas for me? 🙂🌸👌🏻

Of course!

Regarding the colors, coral is adorable with fresh and luminous colors. Think of you being in a beautiful sunny garden with flowers, grass and water. Therefore, shades of pink, green, yellow and blue will be super pretty.

You can complete with neutral pale colors such as white, off-white, nude and soft grey.

Silver and gold are also nice.

I like to use the jean texture to contrast with the girliness of the coral color.

Regarding the shapes, the blazer matches a lot: short skirts, dresses or pants, everything ^^

Beware of rigid A shaped skirts though. That could cause unflattering shapes.

1. Daily girly

A very simple outfit yet full of contrasts. Delicate and girly shoes, top and bag along with boyish raw jeans and a masculine shaped blazer. A print, a strong color, two subdued shades of blue and neutrals create a lovely harmony. Finish with applying liner for doe-eyes and voilà!

2. Boholita

September is still part of summer. Make the most of it with a natural look mixing a urban blazer with a natural looking dress, clogs and bag. The boho necklace nicely dresses up the simplicity of the dress.

3. Candied BB

When you are trying to cut off your holliday addiction, you need some transitioning outfits.
Keep the festival girl caraco, ripped jean shorts, and tassel bracelet but balance with sophisticated fresh makeup, city ballet flats in a summery print and a modern working girl blazer.

4. Pastel “parigote”

Progressively slipping towards the real end of sunny days with a jean, the blazer and low boots. An outfit oh so typically parisian glam rock. But this time, make it girly! Choose sweet pastel colors and fairy nails instead of the usual dark colors we are used to see in the parisian streets.

5. Powdery doll

Green leaves color is just sublime with coral: which is completely logical because this is a mix you find in the nature.
This good girl look is spiced by the shine of the skirt and by the print of the T-shirt. And YES I did match the shoes to the blazer. But the shades of coral are slightly different aren’t they.
Hope you’ll like some outfits ^^
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  1. Skye Willimont says:

    Oui, merci beaucoup 😉

  2. Skye Willimont says:

    J’adore ! Je vais m’empresser d’essayer tous ces looks ! Merci beaucoup Alois, c’est vrai que ce n’est pas si difficile à assortir en fait 😉

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