How to wear skinny red pants

Reader’s questions: “I bought skinny red pants I love but I always wear them the same way… with a black blouse and black shoes” My answer: Colored pants are not easy to match and neither is red because it is one of the brighter colors, so the first thing that comes to mind is black […]

How to wear my yellow raincoat?

Two weeks ago, as it was pouring rain on the Atlantic coast, I found shelter in a Petit Bateau shop… into where I purchased the cutest yellow raincoat. But back in Paris, I felt a bit stupid as I quickly figured out it was not that easy to style it! You can break its seaside […]

How to wear my holographic flats?

Reader’s question: “Hello, two weeks ago, I did a rather stupid purchase: holographic skate shoes that look great on my shelf but that I have no clue how to wear. I am 25 and petite”. My answer: The holographic fabric on a skate shoe has a very strong identity that excludes indeed a lot of […]

Can I wear a white dress with black tights

Reader’s question: can I wear a white dress with black tights? My answer: Most of the times, the white dress/ black tights mix is not very successful because the white dress looks too summerish and the black tight look too winterish (are those proper english words or did I just made that up? Probably made […]

How to style my african prints pants

Reader’s question: I bought pants in Africa during a trip last year. The print is great but I have never worn them since cause I don’t know how to style them. My answer: African prints look amazing and are fashionable right now. You should mix them with some urban and classy pieces to make them […]

Can you match white with off-white?

Reader’s question: is in da title (google request actually) My answer: sure you can! Look at those designer’s outfits Ayr and Paco Rabanne Mixing different shades of white is a good way to break the monotony of an all white outfit. casual weekend white and off-shite outfit by dresslikeaparisian Boho white and off white mix […]

How to dress like Emmanuelle Alt as a curvy girl?

Reader’s question: I am a big fan of Emmanuelle Alt’s style, but I am not the same shape as her (super slim). I am a curvy girl (more hourglass).  How would you suggest I style my outfits in a similar way, but one that flatters my curvy figure? My answer: If you have got an […]

My little red dress

Hi there, Normally I am not what you call a “personal style blogger” and prefer to stay hidden to speak about style in general BUT last week I have been asked for pictures of myself for an interview, so my friend Roman took the pics and here is one of the outfits he shooted. I […]

How to wear ripped jeans without looking like a punk teenager

Reader’s question: ” My favorite jeans just ripped, it’s only a slight crack over the knee and snags under the hips pockets, but I am 45 and I feel I am too old for wearing ripped jeans (I that I’ll look like my punk teenage daughter).” My answer: Ripped jeans can look very stylish! Even […]

How to wear yellow pants

Reader’s question: “I just bought this lin yellow pants for summer but I do not know what to wear with. I am 35.” Ma réponse: Those pants are quite flashy. To wear them easily, temper their color with basics such as navy blue or grey. A pastel color like pale pink can also be a […]

How to wear a red skater dress in a rock way

Reader’s question: “My friends, who want me to  be more feminine, offered me a red skater dress. It is really nice and I would like to wear it, but I do not feel like myself when I do. I am kind of a tomboy and usually wear lots of black with rock accessories. I am […]

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