How to wear my holographic flats?

Reader’s question: “Hello, two weeks ago, I did a rather stupid purchase: holographic skate shoes that look great on my shelf but that I have no clue how to wear. I am 25 and petite”.

My answer:

The holographic fabric on a skate shoe has a very strong identity that excludes indeed a lot of mixes.

But you can still wear a lot of things with it.

When I create a mix, I first wonder what the item evokes to me

Here it would be: – fun -futuristic -clean -pop -geek -girly -street -hype -boyish -minimalist

Therefore I would not wear any very natural fabrics such as linen or suede or any super ladylike stuff such as bold red lipstick or red nails with it.

I created 3 outfits with the shoes up to situations I made up.

1. An afternoon with friends

Holographic shoes casual outfit
Holographic shoes casual outfit by dresslikeaparisian
The shoes have this street cool feeling, they look great with a jean that has the same feeling but more casual. I added a pastel pink sweater because its color looks perfect with the shoes and also because it is both slightly girly AND edgy. Same with the ear cuff that brings a powerful statement.

2. At the office (a cool one)

Holographic shoes work outfit
Holographic shoes work outfit by dresslikeaparisian
While looking for fabric and cuts that would match the shoes, neoprene and geometric were the first to come to my mind because they are both somehow futuristic and sleek. White top and black skirt are office classics that are hereby twisted by cut, fabric and accessories.

3. To dance all night long

Holographic shoes party outfit
Holographic shoes party outfit by dresslikeaparisian featuring a nail polish
A sexy and graphic look. Here we show more skin for the night but stay on the same basis. The diffracted multicolored necklace, the silver liner and girly nailpolish add a pop.
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