How to wear skinny red pants

Reader’s questions: “I bought skinny red pants I love but I always wear them the same way… with a black blouse and black shoes”

My answer: Colored pants are not easy to match and neither is red because it is one of the brighter colors, so the first thing that comes to mind is black (and to my mind as well^^). Which works well but can be a bit boring.

Here is what you could wear with your pants:

1. Another bright color for a cool and bright boho look

Red skinny colored boho
Red skinny colored boho by dresslikeaparisian

I added sunny yellow boots – one of the three primary color just like red, and since Mondrian, and Yves Saint Laurent who got inspired from him in the sixties we know that it is a mix that works. In order not to go to far on the color I added grey, a neutral color and a cream tote bag with multicolored patches. You could wear a blazer on top, navy blue or white would match just fine.

By the way, check out my article on how to match colors for more on the subject.

2. With pastel creamy colors for a chic and preppy style

Red skinny preppy at work
Red skinny preppy at work by dresslikeaparisian

Skinny red pants might not sound like they could be worn at the office. Well you can (if your office is casual though), just add some chic classic colors such a pale blue blouse and a beige bag. You could add a taupe or white fluid vest or blazer on top.

3. With some glitter and deep colors to be glam rock

Red skinny glam rock at night
Red skinny glam rock at night by dresslikeaparisian featuring a long coat

Perfect sexy pants for the night. Add some glitter and a dark green velvet clutch for glam, some dark green boots and an earcuff for rock and a fluid black trench to be super classy when walking outside.

4. With black ^^

Red skinny Jeanne Mas
Red skinny Jeanne Mas by dresslikeaparisian featuring Dr. Martens

Black is great with red. Just try to find pieces that have some identity and don’t just serve the purpose of “beeing the only black thing to match with the red” in your wardrobe.
Here I made a look that is rather rock. By the way, you might have guessed I have a thing for this style. As do lots of parisian girls 🙂
Which does not mean I do not like other styles. I love them all, as long as they look great on you. Women are so different, there have to be a look for each of us!

I leave you with the kitsch eighties french song that always comes to mind when you dress “en rouge et noir” (in red and black”).

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