How to wear a red skater dress in a rock way

Reader’s question: “My friends, who want me to  be more feminine, offered me a red skater dress. It is really nice and I would like to wear it, but I do not feel like myself when I do. I am kind of a tomboy and usually wear lots of black with rock accessories. I am 17.”

My answer:

At school, you could temper the feminity of the dress with a grey and loose cropped T-shirt, converses and an eastpack bag

Red dress rock girl at school
Red dress rock girl at school by dresslikeaparisian

For a party, dare wearing heels but go for chunky sandals that look much more rock. Do not leave your rock attitude at home or you’d feel disguised.

A fake side hawk like Kristen Stewart completed by an earcuff and dark khol and you’re good to go!

Red dress rock girl party
Red dress rock girl party by dresslikeaparisian featuring black diamond jewelry
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