How to wear ripped jeans without looking like a punk teenager

Reader’s question: ” My favorite jeans just ripped, it’s only a slight crack over the knee and snags under the hips pockets, but I am 45 and I feel I am too old for wearing ripped jeans (I that I’ll look like my punk teenage daughter).”

My answer: Ripped jeans can look very stylish! Even when you are 45. Isn’it Elle? (Well, Elle’s outfit is quite grungy though, but she is your age and dares wearing those).

Be careful, they should not be TOO RIPPED: except if your aim is to look grunge. But as far as I can understand yours are only slightly ripped so that’s cool.

Since your ripped jean will give your outfit a grunge twist, you should wear them with a chic outfit to balance. Think beautiful fabrics and neat cuts.

Here is are example of outfits you could wear:

Happy as a daisy
Happy as a daisy by dresslikeaparisian
Chic in ripped jeans outfit
Chic in ripped jeans outfit by dresslikeaparisian
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  1. Snakeophelia says:

    I am also 45 and would have guessed the first set as a possible outfit, but not the second. I would never have thought to put sophisticated, dressy earth tones with the jeans in that way! Great suggestion.

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