How to wear my yellow raincoat?

Two weeks ago, as it was pouring rain on the Atlantic coast, I found shelter in a Petit Bateau shop… into where I purchased the cutest yellow raincoat.

But back in Paris, I felt a bit stupid as I quickly figured out it was not that easy to style it!

You can break its seaside style a bit but going too far would look strange. No sophisticated or ethnic accessories will match it.

The best is to stick with its casual and sportswear chic style with basic pieces in darker color to soften it bright yellow.

And, of course some boots so that the feet do not get wet 🙂

1. Sweet urban sailor

Ciré jaune young girl
Ciré jaune young girl by dresslikeaparisian

2. Countryside weekend

raincoat casual
raincoat casual by dresslikeaparisian

3. Paris sous la pluie

Chic raincoat outfit
Chic raincoat outfit by dresslikeaparisian
3 Responses to “How to wear my yellow raincoat?”
  1. Christell says:


    je viens de découvrir ton blog, j’aime beaucoup ton approche <3

  2. Estelle says:

    Je pourrais commenter chacun de tes articles, j’adore ton approche, tes visuels, l’organisation !! (ça fait un peu groupie dis donc !)


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