How to dress like Emmanuelle Alt as a curvy girl?

Reader’s question: I am a big fan of Emmanuelle Alt’s style, but I am not the same shape as her (super slim). I am a curvy girl (more hourglass).  How would you suggest I style my outfits in a similar way, but one that flatters my curvy figure?

My answer:

If you have got an hourglass figure, you are lucky, they are the easiest to style as a curvy girl (think Marilyn).

Basically you can dress just like Emmanuelle Alt. Of course the result won’t be the same cause your shapes are different but you’ll be equally stylish.

Emmanuelle’s favs are:

7/8 pants either skinny or larger. They look good on you and even better if your ankle are thinner than your calves

Larger blouses worn with rolled up sleeves and some open buttons, perfect to cover up a little belly and reveal a pretty cleavage.

Blazers,  perfectos or tailored coats. They got vertical line that will slim your figure.

High heels: perfect for elongating legs!

Neutrals colors (lots of black): cannot be bad for anyone.

Messy hair: cause she’s french. Easy to reproduce, just be lazy with your hair ^^

So here is an outfit you can pull out:

Men’s shirt + 7/8 pants + perfecto + high heels in black and white

curvy girl perfecto

Two by Vince Camuto

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  1. Adria says:

    Love your site!! I feel like I could go from a stodgy mom to a stylish hottie with some of your advice. As I am overweight & don’t feel anything is flattering I especially appreciate this post. I would love to see something on where to start making over a wardrobe on a budget. I will need to buy 1-2 items at a time as everything I have now is men’s t-shirts and mom jeans. I know I should probably start with neutral basics but am not sure what to buy first and how to build from there. Thank you for your fabulous posts and photos.

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