Can I wear a white dress with black tights

Reader’s question: can I wear a white dress with black tights?

My answer: Most of the times, the white dress/ black tights mix is not very successful because the white dress looks too summerish and the black tight look too winterish (are those proper english words or did I just made that up? Probably made up, but you got my point).

Wearing a light cotton white dress with heavy opaque black tights will look like you couldn’t decide in which season you were. (Which is actually not always a bad thing, I am for wearing light flower dresses in the winter but here… not convinced.)

To create a softer contrast between dress and tights it is easier to go for more transparent black tights like this lady below or like miss Pandora

white dress black tights

If you wanna go for really opaque black tights, it is safer to choose a dress in a thicker fabric like below.

Hemingway and Hepburn white dress opaque black tights


Looking great isn’t it?

Bises de Paris,

PS: I wonder where this reader asking about tights lives, probably New Zealand or something like that cause here in Paris it is SUMMER, and our legs are free from tights 🙂

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