How to wear my crisp white mesh sneakers?

Dear Aloïs
How can I wear the white sporty minimal shoes I just purchased?
Usually I wear dark shades, my almost only colours are black, grey and red, and rarely a small dash of white. My style can shift quite dramatically day by day, but usually I go for a more refined casual, goth-inspired fashionable look. I love asymmetry and some roughness in my look. 
Do you have any ideas of how to wear these for work or a city trip?

Happy greetings from Austria,

Dear Evelyn,


I created two styles for you.

Both can be used either for a day at the office or for a walk in the city.

Hope you’ll like them.

1. With pants

I chose a grey silk blouse for a style that is chic, minimal and comfortable. You can wear them either tucked inside your pants with a black belt or outside.

Here the pants are slightly ripped black skinnies. You can trade them for super clean slim jeans or cigarette pants for the office. Wear either 7/8 lenght or long.

For the accessories, I picked geometrical and refined jewels. Here I picked green malachite and matched it with purple nails but you can chose something different.

The bag is classic and simple. I chose a shade of grey darker than the blouse in order not to be boring.

Spike earrings and deep burgundy lips remind of you goth style.

2. With a skirt

Sometimes, you do not need a lot to make a great outfit.

A stunning leather skirt, a super soft crew neck with gradient gray and you look amazing.

You can trade for a more comfy skirt for a walk in the city.

Bises de Paris,


2 Responses to “How to wear my crisp white mesh sneakers?”
  1. Evelyn says:

    Dear Aloïs,

    a huge, huge thank you to you! I’d love to hug you right now – I’m incredibly happy!
    I thought about a combination of black skinnies with the shoes before, but shied away because I thought the contrast would be too much (my gothy eye). Turns out the grey softens everything incredibly well, so thank you for the final push to try this. I already wore it a few times and felt great!
    The best thing about your outfits: I can make both of them with what I already have in my closet! (Although this grey-to-black sweater won’t get out of my mind – I need this one for sure….)

    This has been incredibly helpful and a true inspiration.

    Happy greetings from Austria,

  2. Jolie sélection !

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