How to dress for Paris as 65 yo?

Dear Aloïs

I am visiting Paris this september. Could you give me ideas of what to wear? I am over 65 and short. Wear American size 10, 12. 5’2″. H. Can u advise me what to bring? Your website is stunning but maybe too young for me.

Dear Jo,

As I discussed in the ” what fashion for my age” post, I think you can dress young when you are 65yo.

But you have to pay attention to wearing body flattering outfits.

I know some parisian 65yo parisian women who dress just like 25 yo. How? With the “parisian uniform”! Which I’d say consist in a soft T-shirt/ shirt/ sweater, a pair of jeans or fitted pants, ankle boots, sneakers or pumps and a blazer or a trench or a coat + a nice bag.

This kind of outfit is perfect because it is both youg and atemporal. Plus it doesn’t show too much skin.

So here are some outfits you could pull out.

1. Relaxed and chic

Regarding you size and height I assumed you are a bit “chubby” (is this an appropriate word?). So I chose clothes that will flatter your shape.

Fluidity is always a plus for tops because it doesn’t show what’s underneath and doesn’t make the silhouette look larger.

I chose to layer navy blue and navy blue and to make it “funky” it with an ethnic necklace for inside and a printed fluid scarf for outside.

Layering is also a good trick to lenghten the silhouette as is “cuts” it in the width.

On the bottom, I went for a straight slightly boyfriend jean and low boots with small and thick heels that are comfortable and add a modern and cool twist to the outfit.

For the nails, I went for a bold blue, which, while beeing funky is perfectly chic and appropriate for your age (my grandma who is 65 and wears this color often ^^).

A classic black leather bag will be perfect for any of your outfits.


2. Relaxed and sophisticated

When you are 65, you are often aiming for comfort on the feet.

And what is more comfy than sneakers? Choose them wisely: pick the ones you see on the feets of younger people like those low “superstar” black sneakers. They are “city sneakers” and are considered stylish.

For the top I chose a fluid black top and a fluid printed blazer, to add some fun into the outfit.

On the bottom, you can dare wearing slim jeans as long as they contain enough elastanne (comfort) and are not too tight (elegance).

Complete the look with a heavy necklace and some color on your nails.


3. Elegant evening look

I have not seen you, but since your bottom size is larger than your top size I assume your waist is quite defined. therefore a knee lenght belted dress will probably suit you.

Otherwise go for a straight dress.

Knee high boots would be nice with it because they would not cut the lenght of your leg. If you have round calves, there are lots of shops selling wider boots.

To keep warm, I chose a straight coat, that will be more stylish if worn open.


Hope those outfits got you inspired and I wish you a nice trip in Paris,


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  1. Evelyn says:

    Dear Jo and Alois,

    I’d like to show you this wonderful, stunning woman:
    She’s 70 and one of the most stylish women I’ve ever seen, and I love it that Angie of YouLookFab shares both their styling ideas with us. Here are more pictures of her – I highly recommend the posts to thes:

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