How can my teenage girls wear their cut off jean shorts in Paris?

“In July, I’m travelling to Paris with three teenage girls and I would like your advice. Is it ok for them to wear denim cut off shorts or rompers? They buy most of their clothes from Brandy Melville, H & M, and Urban Outfitters. The girls say some of these stores are in Paris and sell these items so it should be okay to wear them. However, everything I read says no shorts. Thank you for your help.”


Your daughters are right. We do have all those brands in Paris and therefore lots of teenage girls wear items that provide from those shops.

However, the girls that are considered well dressed wear it in a specific way.

As a parisian girl I can often spot the american girls wearing shorts because they wear it in a different way.

Your teenage girls do not have to “blend in” if they do not want to and more and more french teenagers dress the american way.

Still, there are some differences and if they want to feel confident and not to be looked at (in France lots of men “stare” at young girls) I have some advice for them.

It is also good if you want to take a lunch break in a somehow fancy place.

For an evening dinner, cut-off shorts are considered innapropriate.

But for the daytime, they are appropriate 🙂

So here are my tips:

– choose the shorts properly it shall not be too short (meaning you almost see the butt) or too tight. It is better to wear quality fabrics like vintage Levis and not to have some fake looking ripping or white washed lines. Simple is better.

– wear them with any shoes but flip flops or running shoes that are only designed for running. Sneakers are good!

– on top, do not wear anything too tight or too short (where we see the belly button),

And now, some outfit they could pull out if they like.

1. T-shirt outfit (very casual)

Teenage girl short outfit in Paris #3

Parisian girls often like it simple.

When your basics are well chosen and fit you, you cannot go wrong (isn’t it Jane B?).

So here I chose ripped shorts in what looks like good quality cotton that is neither too stretchy or too tight.

I added a simple t-shirt, slightly loose, a tote bag and converses.

The knot, the anchor print and some yellow nailpolish add fun and style to the look.

Add some jewels to sophisticate the look.

Of course you can switch the sneakers for more elegant sandals.


Ripped 501 vintage Levis (option for lazy girls, the others can find it in vintage stores)

Navy T-shirt with lace hem detail

Star printed converses (for the fun and style touch)

2. Sleeveless shirt outfit (very casual)

Teenage girl short outfit in Paris
Sleeveless shirt are great. They are chic yet light and comfy in the parisian heat of July.
Any dressier top would also work.
I added vintage Levis (therefore excellent thick cotton) with a rolled hem (a great alternative to ripped hem), Birkenstocks that are minimalist, comfy and also… back in style since three years (proof is they have a store in le Marais!). A cool leather backpack that does not look too “adult” and, hop you are good to wander all day long.
You could  add a necklace and bangles to make this look more urban. Do not forget to have pretty toenails and feet.
Of course you can switch the birks for more elegant sandals which will make the look less casual.
Cuffed Levis shorts
Embroidered white sleeveless shirt
Birkenstocks in a pretty color
Navajo style backpack

3. Crochet top outfit (casual chic)

Teenage girl short outfit in Paris #2
Black jeans always look more sophisticated than blue jeans.
Here I did a typically parisian all black outfit with black ripped jean short and an elegant crochet top (be sure the crochet top is made in a natural fabric, synthetic shiny crochet look very cheap).
To complete I added  minimalist gold sandals (do not forget the pedicure, which can be homemade) and a summery Vanessa Bruno sequin bag (a french bestseller).
Black Levis shorts

4. Pretty accessories outfit (casual)

Teenage girl short outfit in Paris #4
With such a simple combo, the accessories can “make the look”.
Here I chose jewels that have their “personality”: funny pinneaples and candy charms.
A cute bug printed tote bag for and pretty golden ballerinas for a light walk.
Funky tote
Tell me if your daughters like the looks 🙂
Et bon séjour à Paris!
6 Responses to “How can my teenage girls wear their cut off jean shorts in Paris?”
  1. Morgane says:

    Je viens juste de découvrir votre blog et je l’adore ! Vous venez de gagner une nouvelle abonnée ! 😉
    Je me demandais si vous pourriez m’aider : j’ai depuis pas mal de temps une robe blanche en coton, fine et élastiquée à la taille, mais qui est malheureusement trop transparente pour que je puisse la porter ailleurs qu’à la plage ! J’ai essayé de la rentrer dans un jean (malgré l’élastique), et je trouve que ça rend plutôt bien avec un collier (la robe a un décolleté en V). J’aimerais savoir si vous aviez d’autres idées de tenues pour pouvoir porter ma robe transparente sans faire vulgaire ? (C’est surtout le transparent en bas qui me dérange en fait)

  2. Veri says:

    Amazing outfits 🙂

  3. CameliaArt says:

    I prefere outfit 2. It’s so lovely!

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