How to wear my lace top for my prom?

I have a black top with lace sleeves and back from H and M. It is my prom night in a few weeks and I would like to wear it in a way that is not tacky, somehow cool and comfortable. I do not like pants that much and my style is casual/feminine. I am 17 and do not wish to feel “dressed up”.


It is a bit tricky to answer because I do not precisely see how the top looks like and do not know your bodytype but I am going to give you some options with what I know.

First I think that when you are seventeen, it is nice to stay on the “cool” side. Therefore not skyscraper pumps will be featured.

You can of course wear short skirts, if they are well chosen and worn, they won’t be tacky.

Here is how you could wear your top (PS: for the sets I picked a top that has probably more lace on it than yours…)

1. With a pop colour like bright yellow

Lace top bal outfit

I like yellow  and black. If you only use one yellow item, there is few chances you’ll look like Maya the honey bee.

For this outfit, I chose an A-line skirt that is easily classy, wedge sandals to gain height while  staying comfortable, a funny bag, because it is good not to be too serious, and purple nailpolish cause it perfectly completes yellow.


A-line scalloped skirt

Bodycon mini skirt (only if your top is not bodycon)

Wedges in black suede

Heart clutch with glitters (if you are not a cat person)

2. With another dark color like forest green

Lace top bal outfit #3

Black looks really nice with other dark colors such as forest green, burgundy, deep purple, etc.

To liven this up I added sparkles and a pop of poppy red on the nails.

Derbies are perfectly adapted to a prom night. With a short skirt they won’t shorten your silhouette. Plus you’ll be free to dance the way you want!


Sparkly ballerinas ou sparkly derbies

Of course, if you prefer more classic shoes (without sparkles) like black derbies/ballerinas/slippers or loafers go for it! And then wear a funny bag like the aforementioned heart bag.

Bodycon green skirt (if your top is not bodycon)

Flounce mini skirt (if your top is bodycon)

3. All black look that is not boring

Lace top bal outfit #2

As you said you like casual feminine looks, I composed a black “cool” outfit.

Black for a prom night can be boring. As you are French, I think that more than half of the girls will choose black clothes so you really have to make a difference if you choose this colour.

For instance, choose fluid black shorts instead of a skirt, and black boots for a rock attitude.

You can add a funny bag to make the outfit stand out even more.


Shorts with a subtle lace detail

Black boots with thick low heel


3 Responses to “How to wear my lace top for my prom?”
  1. anna says:

    Evidemment j’en suis consciente 🙂

  2. anna says:

    Oh merci vous êtes vraiment géniale ! 😀 Je ne sais pas encore qu’elle tenue adopter (entre les 2 premières mon coeur balance :P) Mais comme j’ai lu votre article sur la jupe trapèze,que j’ai les hanches plutôt développées, et que mon haut est moulant il y a de grande chance que je choisisse le premier look ! Quoique j’adore aussi le kaki……..bon ben le dénouement ce fera en boutique 😉 Merci beaucoup en tout cas, vous êtes vraiment de bon conseil 😀

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Dernier conseil, ne recherche pas exactement LA pièce dont je t’ai parlé en boutique sinon ça risque d’être laborieux. Cherches plutôt des choses “dans le même genre”.

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