How to dress boho as a short and curvy girl?

I love the boho look but I am short and curvy and  let’s face it – that style works well mainly on tall and slim girls. How can I wear boho/hippie clothes and don’t look like a child or as if I was going to a costume party?

You are right, hippie style is easier to pull out when you are tall and slim.

This is because it implies:

– long clothes, that tend to shorten

– oversize items that tend to make shorter girls look “lost” in them

– big prints that tend to widen the silhouette

Still, there are ways to get that boho feel in your look even if you are a short and curvy girl.

Main tip: play with accessories!

A beautiful ethnic bag (like this one), can be sufficient to make a simple outfit look boho.

Second tip: stick with natural colors and fabrics.

Last, use the markers of boho style like tassels, prints, ethnic jewels, fringes, lace, embroideries, crochet, slouchyness and suede, in your clothes OR in your accessories.

1. Kimono based boho outfit

Boho look for curvy girl #1

Fluid and straight shape suit curvy girls. That is why I chose this dress and kimono. Besides, the kimono will create vertical lines that will make your body look slimmer. Beware of choosing a kimono (or a cardigan) that does not have those very large sleeves. They shorten small arms. The pendant necklace is also a good trick to lenghten your body while adding to the boho feel. For shoes, clogs, which are emblematic for the boho look will complete the style and add some height to your legs. A natural leather satchel and some purple lipstick complement the look.


– Flower kimono in viscose (a vegetal fabric)

Clogs with patterns (to wear with plain colors)

Pendant necklace

You could also skip the kimono and create a great evening outfit with just adding embroideries on your straight dress:

Embroidered straight dress

2. Shirt based boho outfit

Boho look for curvy girl #2
Prints are typical from boho look. Paisley, liberty, flowers or aztec, of course, but also animal prints worn in a boho way like leopard or snake.
Here I chose a snake printed shirt in a fluid fabric that will suit curvy shapes. Beware: large and saturated prints enlarge the body.
For legs a bootcut or a slim worn with heeled boots in natural tan suede will lenghten the silhouette.
For the bag, I choose crochet fabric that is emblematic for the boho look.
– Brown leather boots

3. Cardigan based boho look

Boho look for curvy girl #3
Just like a kimono, a cardidan gives a boho accent to any outfit while slimming the upper body and making the silhouette look slender. Choose a fluid fabric and stay away from any bulk.
I added flare pants and heels to give that seventies touch while making you look taller.
An ethnic necklace and a scarf are accessories that instantly say “boho” and are easy to pull out for anyone.
If you have a plump/short neck, do not wear the scarf too close from your neck.
Beige cardigan
Pendant “prayer” necklace
Printed scarf

4. Necklace based evening boho look

Boho look for curvy girl #4
Accessories really are the perfect items to create boho looks that are easy to wear.
A necklace featuring feathers is a great exemple. Paired with a golden natural looking satchel and chunky heeled suede derbies, it is enough to make a boho outfit.
To go with it, I chose a black top as the canvas for the necklace (this one even has some boho styled lace detail)  and burgundy slim jeans.
Golden charms necklace
Tassel mini pouch
Hope you like those outfits. Send me a picture if you manage to make boho work on you!
7 Responses to “How to dress boho as a short and curvy girl?”
  1. Peasant White Maxi Dress or Peasant Tiered Maxi Skirt is another choice for Boho style. : )

  2. Nay says:

    Can short girls wear long kimons

  3. Mikayla says:

    Great article. I absolutely ADORE your fashion tips, but the only problem is that I have a more curvy, short bottom but slim & long top. It’s a bit more hard to find the perfect clothes for my body type 🙂

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Every woman is unique!
      And every silhouette dresses differently.
      So I should see you for a Skype consultation to give you spot on tips.

  4. V says:

    Hou la, la comme c’est inspirant.
    Je suis loin d’être petite mais reste curvy …et les looks 1 et 3 m’interpellent …avec 5 cm de talons en moins 😉
    Bonne journée.

  5. Kasia says:

    Thank You so much 🙂 Your advices are very useful and outfits You chose are totally great! Some of these things I already have in my closet and now I know how to mix them for the gorgeous effect.

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