How to look wear colors without going overboard?

Dear Aloïs,
This past year I was a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class and I loved it so much that I have decided that, in the future, I would like to teach kids in elementary school. So, something that’s been on my mind is figuring out how to wear bright colored clothing (to keep the kids’ attention on me), without going overboard and wearing too much color. I have also been wondering how to dress chic and fun, and keep it work appropriate.
Lauren, 19.
Dear Lauren,
What a great professional project 🙂
I had fun making outfits for you.
Some look very youthful, some look more grown up.
Hope you will get inspiration for your present or future you!

1. Bubbly seventies

The color you notice first is the sunflower yellow sweater. I paired it with softer shades: an almond green A-line suede skirt in a neighbour color and tan boots in another neighbour color. I completed with a fun necklace in the same color range and a bit of purple liner, yellow’s complementary color, on the eyelids.

The big jumper makes the short skirt and high boots look less sexy and therefore school appropriate.

2. Not so classic

I started with grass colored pants in a classic cigarette shape. To add some interest while keeping the look classic, I chose a marin printed top and felt grey shoes. A black yet chic backpack reminds you are at school. For nails, I picked a soft shade of pink, green’s complementary color.

3. Good girl dress meets punk shoes

Dresses are great to dress in a minute. This one has a pretty classic straight shape that I paired with a punk attitude heavy dr Martens brogues. For outside, a classic short trench and a dusty pink scarf will be perfect.

I did  not add any necklace because I liked the minimalist and innocent shape of the dress and did not want to make it look ladylike.

4. Fresh and sporty spring

I think that if shorts are decent, you can wear them as a professional. Of course, they shall not be to short or too tight. On top I chose an wide shirt with little gems to add a fun detail while balancing the naked legs. For shoes, I opted for flat converse that are appropriate if they are clean.

5. Colorful grown-up

Blazers have the power to make you immediatly look more adult. As you requested color, I chose one flashy orange blazer that I paired with a basic outfit: a beige printed shirt, tan sued ankle boots and clean slim jeans.

I suggest to keep your hair slightly messy in order not to look uptight.

6. Manga lolita

Maybe not the look you want to choose if you want to make the parents feel secure.

In the meantime, I think that is actually quite well-behaved: a skater skirt paired with opaque black tights, clean leather ankle boots and a sweet pink shirt buttoned to the top.

The pokemon print is fun yet optional ^^

Which outfit looks the more like you?

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  1. Carly says:

    Hi Aloïs,
    I remembered seeing this post a while back and have been looking through it for inspiration. I have a job interview coming up for a teaching job. I love all the outfits here, but could you advise me please on tweaking them for someone who is older (I’m 36), and also to make them a little more formal for an interview, whilst still keeping the fun, bright feel.
    Thank you 🙂

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