What shoes with my royal blue dress and coral necklace?

I’m attending a wedding, and am planning on wearing a cute royal blue dress. I picked a coral statement necklace, and I feel it makes it really pop! I’m wondering what shoes to wear with it. Obviously a neutral is necessary. Would you pair it with black heals? Nude heals? It’s outdoors and I don’t want to be cold, so I have to wear tights with it. Black tights? Nude tights? What is your suggestion?


What shoes with royal blue dress and coral necklace?



Yes a neutral is a good option but you can also go different shades of blue or pink (near to coral). And I think a pattern can add some fun into the outfit.

1. Nude

Yes, of course, nude heels would be a perfect match! Then wear nude tights. But be careful, they shall really look like they are your skin so no shine, no opacity and no fake tan.

Fishnet nude tights would also be a nice pairing.

I recommend you those fun plastic heels with a coral detail.

Those have a creative cut that also make them stand out.

2. Black

I am less of a fan of black heels cause of the coral necklace. That would make a summer/winter colors clash.

Some other options would make more creative pairings

3. Pattern

A fun pattern would be a nice option to make the outfit more interesting.

Black and white, floral, etc.

4. Pale pink

You can go for pale pink. Make sure they really are a different shade than your coral necklace. Nude or nude fishnet with it.

Try a fun pattern in that shade to make your outfit look more stylish.

5. Pale blue

Pale blue would also work. With that color you can go for transparent black tights.

6. More

There are always tons of options. You can try at home and see if that works.

Silver, pale yellow, and so on.

Enjoy the wedding!

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