How to wear my navy blue tailored pants?

” What tops could I wear my navy blue tailored pants with?(I thought I would wear them with my red pumps)”

Blue tailored pants are soooo versatile this article could be pages long.

In a nutshell, you could wear it with anything on top: sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dressed-up items, jumpers, blazers, leather jackets, jean jackets, trench coats, tailored coats, boyfriend coats…

Just avoid stiff and short blazers and shirts that look “boring office lady”.

Here are outfits I made with different tops, to show you that, depending from the styling, you could wear your navy blue tailored pants from office to fancy party.

1. Office outfit


Navy blue tailored pants office outfit

I used red pumps like you suggested. They are indeed a match cause they add some fun in this office outfit. For the top I chose a grey fluid cashmere that is both elegant and cosy. I completed with a minimalist silver necklace and silver nailpolish.

2. Cocktail time outfit

Navy blue tailored pants cocktail time outfit

Yes tailored pants can be sexy! With a silk camisole for instance. The pants are perfect cause they make the top look chic rather than tacky. Then choose sexy shoes like strappy sandals. Add some gold jewels (gold and navy blue are amazing). And a flash of yellow with the clutch to make the outfit look more fun.

3. Casual weekend outfit

Navy blue tailored pants weekend outfit

Blue tailored pants can look casual if you mix them with a loose T-shirt. Use a knot or half tuck to make them look even more cool. With ankle revealing sneakers, they should be 7/8 lenght. Add some trendy items like a jean jacket, a tote bag and a rock bracelet to complete the look.

4. Outside outfit

Navy blue tailored pants outside outfit

And colored! As you know, if you read me on a regular basis, I consider navy blue being a neutral color that you can wear with pretty much every other colors. So I added a classic trench in a light sage green, mustard yellow low boots, flashy indigo nailpolish and a shiny scarf.

Hope I inspired you!

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