Frosted blue and fluffy black in Paris


Last friday, I took some pictures for a bulgarian magazine… in the coooold.

I made a mini-guide of the west rive droite of Paris  showing my favorite places near Concorde and Arc de Triomphe.

And, neglecting the fact that is was minus zero and that I was going from one place to another on a Vespa scooter, I decided to wear my brand new Falke pantyhose, just because when I have something brand new I just want to wear it NOW (are you the same?).

The result was that after two hours the skin color of my leg matched the blue of the pantyhose.

So, here are the results of me playing  apprentice personal style blogger in the streets with my apprentice photographer Gaël.


For my outfit, I choose my fluffly boyfriend coat (the warmest I own, cause it is 100% wool so I am not 100% crazy), a bright indigo scarf and a rust colored beanie, complementary color of the indigo. My tights are a shade close to the one of my scarf and my gloves, that you do not see, are pale brown, a shade near to the one of the beanie.

I contrasted the oversize top with heeled low bots and almost bare legs (crazy me).

As an accessory I wear a clutch (yes, yes, that was for the pic, my photographer was holding my bigger bag), that looks like it is made of rainbow chainmail.

Pierre Hermé 2

Pretending to eat a macaroon in front of Pierre Hermé cause we figured out actually eating the thing caused photographic disasters.

But I finished it afterwards and it was delicious: pistachio, cherries and cinnamon.


11 Responses to “Frosted blue and fluffy black in Paris”
  1. Ingrid says:

    First, let me tell you how amazing, cool, addictive (yes, although, I don’t have the time to read it every day), smart etc. I think your blog is. Thank you very much and keep up the (very) good work!
    Second, I have a question and I think I am a bit off-topic but, here it is: I am in the search of a wool cocoon coat, not very long (I am short-165), oversize but not very oversize black or navy-blue. Yours looks really good, but I think you are a bit taller. 😀 And, since I would like it to be rather budget friendly, I would like to ask you what do you think about this one:!ThumbMainView. It’s a do or a don’t? Merci beaucoup! Bisous!

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Thanks 🙂
      I think your coat is nice but maybe a bit “boring” and I am not sure about the buttons, you shall try it on you ^^
      Oh, and I am precisely 165 tall (with 7cm heels on this picture)
      Bises de Paris

      • Ingrid says:

        Well, looks like strong essences are definitely kept in small bottles.:D
        Thank you very much for your (really really) quick response!
        And, yes, I was also thinking that the buttons are not really great. So, I guess I am going to keep on searching for the perfect coat, but this one will be my “plan B”.

  2. gabriela says:

    I covet your scarf! Also your macaroon. Your comments and advice are compulsive reading for me now.

  3. Mimi S says:

    You look fly, Miz Alois! I’m really trying to invest in some quality pieces especially when it comes to warm fabrics for coats and sweaters. I’ve had to do quite a bit of a clothing reevaluation over the last couple of years….during my college years fast fashion was one hell of a drug, lol. Anyway, this blog has really helped. Still is.

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