How to wear my Mary Katranzou style dress?

“I bought a dress with a geometrical print but I haven’t worn it yet because I have no idea what would look nice with it”
The print of your dress is already very busy, so I recommend to adding any other print. Even though you COULD find prints that match the dress, that is safer to stick with plain colors in order to make your dress the star of your outfit.
I think this item is versatile and that you can wear it both day and night.
1. Night out outfit
Graphic dress night out outfit
I mixed very graphic sandals to the graphic dress. They have a busy design too but, since they are far away from the dress (legs in between), that looks fine. I chose them also cause they contain pink, black and white, colors that are already included in the very colorful mix of the dress.
The clutch is busy too but in black which is a neutral color. And since the dress itself has no flounce and a minimalist cut, that is a cool pairing choice.
2. Daytime outfit
Graphic dress day outfit
When you have a dress, think that it can be transformed into a skirt by wearing a closed top like a sweater or a T-shirt. It makes it look less sophisticated and therefore more suitable for work. Worn with slightly transparent black tights, flat cut-out shoes and a school-girl like satchel which color is in the dress, it is a proper outfit for university or the office.
3. Flirty daytime outfit
Graphic dress flirty day outfit
To go for a cafe or for a drink, you could add simple yet elegant and sexy accessories, such as a fluid blazer, minimalist heeled black leather boots and silver earrings.
As you noticed, in all those outfits, I used a lot of black cause I think it makes the graphic print of the dress stand out. It also makes it look edgy. With white or matching pastels, it would look like a grandma floral print, even though it is not. Beige would not be the right neutral to choose, neither would grey, they’d make the print look dull. With fushia pink or neon green, two colors that are in the print, the outfit would look too busy, as if you were going to the carnaval or techno parade. Even navy blue wouldn’t be the best choice cause I feel it is nice to have a reminder of the little amount of black that is already in the dress.
So black is the perfect frame to make the most out of your dress.
And you, did you buy a graphic Mary Katranzou like print? How do you wear it?
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