What to wear with my plum colored dress for my baby shower?

I have a plum colored dress, what color tights, shoes, jewelry and bag would work best with it for my baby shower? It is winter and chilly.

I don’t know about how to style for a baby shower cause… we don’t have those in France ^^

But I supposed you shall look well dressed, cosy and happy.


Plum dress outfit

Therefore I matched a plum colored dress with a cosy mohair cardigan in light pink, a color that is close to the plum without beeing overwhelming. You could also use a blazer or a cardigan.

Then I added some gold for sophistication on the earrings and on the clutch.

Plus a bit of print on the shoes for the fun. I chose booties cause they look more surprising than classic pumps.

To complete, a hint of burgundy nailpolish would add another warm color to the mix.

But you could also try other colors for the mix.

On the top, you could go for white or leopard (then no leopard on the shoes) or even light lilac and sage green.Plum and sage greenArtichoke

For the details (feet, jewels, nails, clutch), you could go for mustard or green hues (dark green or sage). They both make the plum stand out.

Plum and mustard yellow burberryBurberry

If you want to go bold, try to pair it with some neighbour colors fuschia, burgundy and/or bright red.

Plum and pink mix Hanneli MustapartaHanneli Mustaparta

Looking forward to see the result,

Bises de Paris

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  1. Vanessa says:


    Sans conteste, le prune avec le rose ( qu’il soit pâle ou fuschia) avec un soupçon de doré

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