How to accessorize my black and white printed dress?

“I absolutely adore your blog! I have used your posts about weddings in the search of a dress for my brother’s wedding in August.

Now I believe I have found the perfect on for me, but I can`t figure out how to accessorize. I want to follow your advice on not matching the shoes and purse, but which colors.

The dress is black and white (Maje dress called Riviera, The wedding will be held in a botanical in-doors garden in London.”

Your dress is adorable. A bit Alaia style!

I would spontaneously go for bold colors and graphic shapes because the dress is black and white and because I like some colors in a wedding outfit.

Some shine would also be a great addition.

And I tried to stick with the “floral” spirit in the last outfit with softer colors and a more romantic selection.

1. Graphic mix!


Jacquard dress outfit #1

Black and white prints mix well together cause they have the same color as explained in my article “how to wear prints”.  Flashy yellow, neighbour color orange and contrasting blue  all feel very graphic too. And a pop of coral on the ear lightens the face (lipstick would also work). For jewels, I suggest staying graphic and minimal like with silver bangles. And for the hair, I think a high ponytail, that is very graphic too, would look amazing.

Alternatives: Black and yellow sandals + graphic blue clutch + minimal silver bangles + triangle shaped minimal studs

2.Flashes of silver

Jacquard dress outfit #2

That is not secret that I like shine. A bit of it will spice up your outfit just on the shoes and nails for instance. I completed with flashes of primary colors. Blue on toenails, red on lips and yellow on… banana  bag! I love it cause it is fun but a simple yellow clutch would work.

Alternatives: Sandals Clélia Tavernier or cheaper silver sandals, Yellow clutch (no banana)

3. Sweet flowers


Jacquard dress outfit #4

Got inspired from Flora Botanica’s add that mixes flowers and geometrical patterns for that one. So I started with a floral print that could as well be located on the shoes on even nails (crazy mani ^^). And completed with red clutch and plum lips. A romantic hat reminds the “garden” spirit.

Alternatives: Flower sandals + Red clutch + Simple wide-brimmed hat or flower clutch with plain pumps/sandals


Hope you’ll be stunning at that wedding!

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  1. De très chouettes idées !

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