What lipstick with my pink top?

Reader’s question: I’m struggling with picking out a lipstick or gloss color to wear with a deep fuchsia-colored top. I will be wearing a bold black necklace with it, and I have warm medium brown hair and brown/hazel eyes.

I think that a top in a shade of pink, red or purple or any lipstick associated color replaces the lipstick and that you can skip it and go for eye makeup only.

Gucci SS 2013

Gucci SS 2013

However, it is still possible to wear some if you want to.

If, you are wearing a top in a pinkish/redish deep color, choose bright or pale lipstick colors. Or even another deep color in a different shade. Matchy makeup is not the best but looks ok.

– Deep fuchsia top with bright red (works here as makeup)

– Deep fuchsia top with natural pink or pale pink (beware not too look barbie with this one, prefer bare skin)

– Deep fuchsia top with plum lipstick

– Deep fuchsia top with burgundy lipstick

If you are wearing a top in a pinkish, redish bright color, matchy makeup is an option too. You could also go for a deeper shade of the color of the top. Or dare to clash with another bright color.

– Bright red top with bright red

– Bright red top with burgundy

– Bright pink with plum

– Bright pink top with bright orange or the opposite (very fashion editorial, but erm, IRL you better wear bare skin and be super fashionable to pull that out).

J crew SS 2012

J Crew SS 2012

– Bright fuchsia with bright red (on bare skin again)

Hope you found what you were looking for!

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