How to wear my silver ballerinas?

“Hi Aloïs. I have bought silver ballerinas but I don’t know how to wear them. Can you give me some ideas?”


Silver ballerinas are great, they are so versatile.

You can wear them with pants as well as with shorter items like dresses and skirts.

Regarding colors I like to mix with classic neutrals: white, navy blue, black, grey. And with fresh cold colors: every shade of blue, pastels, corals, pinks, etc.

Here are some outfits I created for you

1. Classy and casual


Silver ballerinas outfit #1

Silver shoes are great cause they’ll make a classic outfit be more fun. Here I used only classic shapes and colors. The red bag brings a pop of color to the outfit.

Alternatives: Navy blue V neck + red bucket bag

2. Summer navy stripes

Silver ballerinas outfit #2

I really like the silver/ navy mix so here is another outfit with navy stripes. Add a flash of color on nails and lips if you feel like it.


Bodycon striped dress in blue/green hues

Straight linen dress with blue stripes

3. Neutral minimalism

Silver ballerinas outfit #3

Silver ballerinas can be worn at the office. For instance with neutrals such as black, white or grey.

Alternatives: white jeans + sleeveless T-shirt + dusty pink blazer

4. Flirty aqua skirt

Silver ballerinas outfit #4

Blues really match silver. Here this aqua minty blue shade is perfect. Its A-line shape matched with ballerinas has a light flirty allure. I completed with a loose T-shirt for the coolness and a black bag to add some rock edge.


A-line pale mint blue mini skirt

A-line white skirt (wear with colored or neutral t-shirt)

Denim dotted mini-skirt

Tropical blue mini A-line skirt

5. Rockabilly all black

Silver ballerinas outfit #5

Ballerinas evoke me the fifties. And when I think fifties I think rockabilly, biker jacket, 7/8 skinny pants and red lips/ nails. So I created this all black outfit with red and silver accents.

6. Cute vichy pattern

Silver ballerinas outfit #6

Ballerinas also evoke me Brigitte Bardot. And when I think of her, I think vichy pattern. So here is a very innocent outfit starring this pattern along with a sunny bag and our silver ballerinas.


Vichy mini jumpsuit

Vichy short sleeves shirt (wear with shorts)


How are you going to wear you silver ballerinas?

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