How to make my skinny jeans and blouses outfits interesting?

This lookmaker post is inspired by a client I had recently. She told me she wore mainly skinny black jeans and blouses from morning to evening and felt that her look, while elegant and sleek,  was a bit boring. While we actually looked for more than blouses together I also told her that she could make […]

How to dress in a colorful manner as a corporate lawyer?

Hello, I just happened upon your site and am enjoying it. It’s particularly useful as I am in the process of transitioning my style to harmonize my off-work style which is more colorful with my work as a corporate lawyer style which needs to be more conservative as I am now working more directly with […]

How to dress sexy at a chic party for a tall girl

Bonjour !  I am invited to a classy party. Being kind of a tomboy, I would like to feel feminine and pretty (even “sexy”) for a change. Being rather tall (1.87m) and having matching feet, I have trouble finding adequate shoes. Could you make me some outfit suggestions?  Bonjour Julie, So you are model tall right? […]

How to dress androgynous with a hint of quirkiness for university?

Dear Alois Next year I am starting university. I am rather frightened with regard to how I now do not have a uniform anymore. I have always loved to dress androgynous with pants and jackets. I was wondering could you give any advice for basics for an androgynous wardrobe with a hint of quirkiness to […]

What outfits for my round midsection?

Hi Alois  I would like to have effortless chic, well put together, understated elegance, minimal, simple yet stylish … but how do I get this style? I am 162 cm & weigh 69 kg and most of the kilos are in the mid section. I have skinny legs & hands, with a round middle. Next month […]

What capsule wardrobe for two months in Paris in winter?

I found your blog and found it to be well written and relevant.  I will be staying in Paris for 2.5 months Jan to March 2016, and I want to travel with one small suitcase.  I have looked at capsule wardrobes and will be using that concept when I pack.  I am a very plain […]

How to dress for Paris as 65 yo?

Dear Aloïs I am visiting Paris this september. Could you give me ideas of what to wear? I am over 65 and short. Wear American size 10, 12. 5’2″. H. Can u advise me what to bring? Your website is stunning but maybe too young for me. Dear Jo, As I discussed in the ” […]

How to wear my crisp white mesh sneakers?

Dear Aloïs How can I wear the white sporty minimal shoes I just purchased? Usually I wear dark shades, my almost only colours are black, grey and red, and rarely a small dash of white. My style can shift quite dramatically day by day, but usually I go for a more refined casual, goth-inspired fashionable […]

How to look wear colors and dress fun without going overboard?

Dear Aloïs, This past year I was a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class and I loved it so much that I have decided that, in the future, I would like to teach kids in elementary school. So, something that’s been on my mind is figuring out how to wear bright colored clothing (to keep […]

How to wear my yellow dress at a wedding with theme “colorful”?

Hi Aloïs, I like to read your fashion tips. I would have like to know if you could help me complete an outfit for a wedding. It takes place in Berlin in september. Theme is “joyful, festive and colorful”. I have started designing my dress myself. Yellow, low back, skater shape mid-tights. Could you tell […]

How can my teenage girls wear their cut off jean shorts in Paris?

“In July, I’m travelling to Paris with three teenage girls and I would like your advice. Is it ok for them to wear denim cut off shorts or rompers? They buy most of their clothes from Brandy Melville, H & M, and Urban Outfitters. The girls say some of these stores are in Paris and […]