How to wear my dark grey sequins leggings?

Can I ask your opinion on a shiny outfit? Dark grey sequin leggings, white button up shirt, fuchsia v neck cashmere tunic, and black heels. Rhinestone clutch. I generally wear the leggings with a black tunic but I want to try something different! Rashna Hello Rashna, I think your outfit is a nice idea in […]

Shiny Christmas outfitspirations

You know they say for your wedding you shall wear something new, something borrowed and something new? Well I think for party times you should wear… something shiny ^^ My faithful readers probably already have noticed I have sort of an obsession for everything that shines. So for this christmassy lookmaker I decided to indulge myself […]

How to accessorize my forest green coat?

I recently bough a forest green colored coat but I do not know how to accessorize it outside. I usually wear it with a red scarf I own since a long time but I am not quite satisfied with the result. I love colors so I would prefer to wear something other than black but […]

Can I wear my black bodycon dress for a formal evening?

Hi Alois, I really like the whole “sexy but not tacky” style. I mean…every girl would definitely want to look beautiful, confident, and sexy..but nobody wants to look tacky. I was wondering if you could help me. We’ll be having a “Night life” office party. and I have this bodycon black dress that I definitely […]

How to dress for a first date in winter?

I recently signed on Tinder and have my first “blind” date next week. I have never done this before and would be certain to “look pretty at first sight”. I love feminine style. Since I am small (1,60m) I always wear high heels. Could you give me some ideas? Thanks a lot,  Maylice Hello Maylice, I […]

How to make T-shirt based office outfits?

I hate ironing and therefore never buy any blouse. How to be chic at work on a black (or navy blue, let’s go wild)T-shirt basis? Hate ironing too! But love blouses so my dry cleaner is my best friend. And my ninja drying technic which consists in hanging them while they are still wet. I […]

How to make my skinny jeans and blouses outfits interesting?

This lookmaker post is inspired by a client I had recently. She told me she wore mainly skinny black jeans and blouses from morning to evening and felt that her look, while elegant and sleek,  was a bit boring. While we actually looked for more than blouses together I also told her that she could make […]

How to dress in a colorful manner as a corporate lawyer?

Hello, I just happened upon your site and am enjoying it. It’s particularly useful as I am in the process of transitioning my style to harmonize my off-work style which is more colorful with my work as a corporate lawyer style which needs to be more conservative as I am now working more directly with […]

How to dress sexy at a chic party for a tall girl

Bonjour !  I am invited to a classy party. Being kind of a tomboy, I would like to feel feminine and pretty (even “sexy”) for a change. Being rather tall (1.87m) and having matching feet, I have trouble finding adequate shoes. Could you make me some outfit suggestions?  Bonjour Julie, So you are model tall right? […]

How to dress androgynous with a hint of quirkiness for university?

Dear Alois Next year I am starting university. I am rather frightened with regard to how I now do not have a uniform anymore. I have always loved to dress androgynous with pants and jackets. I was wondering could you give any advice for basics for an androgynous wardrobe with a hint of quirkiness to […]

What outfits for my round midsection?

Hi Alois  I would like to have effortless chic, well put together, understated elegance, minimal, simple yet stylish … but how do I get this style? I am 162 cm & weigh 69 kg and most of the kilos are in the mid section. I have skinny legs & hands, with a round middle. Next month […]